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Where To List Yard Sales On Craigslist?

You can use the “garage sale” category to post your yard sale on Craigslist. There is not currently a dedicated yard sale category, but it is perfectly fine to choose the garage sale category.

There is a “general” category that you could probably use, but using garage sale for advertising yard sales on Craigslist closely matches the intent of the garage sale category, so you may have more success with visibility with your ad.

post yard sale on craigslist

How To Post a Yard Sale On Craigslist?

  • Log in to your account or click the “post” option
  • Click “for sale by owner”
  • Choose the “garage & moving sales” option
Where To List Yard Sales On Craigslist?

Then go ahead and include details about your yard sale on the next page with details that include:

  • Posting title
  • City/neighborhood
  • Zip code
  • Write a detailed description of the kinds of items you will be selling at your yard sale, similar to my tips about selling items on Craigslist
  • Fill out the proper time and dates sections
  • Complete contact info sections
  • Fill out location details to entice local buyers
  • Continue and confirm your yard sale listing

That’s it! You have now completed a free advertisement for your yard sale.

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  1. I would like to add to tips, use keywords that people are likely to search for, such as “yard sale”, “garage sale”, “moving sale”, “estate sale”, and the names of any specific items you are selling. Include your address and the date and time of your yard sale(s).

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