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What is HMU on Craigslist?

HMU” on Craigslist typically stands for “hit me up“, which is a way of saying “send me a message“. It is often used in personal ads or posts seeking to connect with others. See the examples below.

Examples of People Using HMU on Craigslist

HMU Craigslist

Person A: “Looking for someone to go on a hike with this weekend. HMU if you’re interested.”

Person B: “Sounds fun! I’m in. HMU when you have more details.”

Person A: “Selling my old guitar, HMU if you’re interested.”

Person B: “I’m definitely interested! HMU with the price and pictures.”

Person A: “Anyone up for a game of basketball later? HMU”

Person B: “Count me in! HMU with the location and time”

Person A: “Looking for a roommate, HMU if you’re interested”

Person B: “I’m looking for a place, HMU with more information please.”

hit me up hmu on craigslist

Overall HMU Meaning

So overall, HMU means “hit me up“, which means some is posting something online and wants another person to respond and connect. This could be in the form of a message, a post on social media, or even an email. Essentially, it’s a way of saying “I’m open to talking” or “I want to hear from you”.

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