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What Are Good Questions To Ask Craigslist Sellers?

Are you new to using Craigslist to buy things? Are you unsure about Craigslist etiquette and don’t know what types of questions to ask sellers (without offending anyone)?

It’s important to ask the right questions to make sure you’re making an informed purchase. Check out these questions to ask Craigslist sellers so you don’t waste anyone’s time.

what are questions to ask craigslist sellers

Questions To Ask

Detailed Item Condition: “Can you provide more details about the condition of the item?”

Understanding the exact condition helps assess the item’s value and any additional costs for repairs or maintenance. Ideally, that question should be answered in the item post details, but many sellers fail to include important details about their item they are selling on Craigslist.

Reason for Selling: “Why are you selling the item?”

Honestly, as someone who has sold a lot on Craigslist, this one kind of annoys me because I’ve heard it soooo many times. But it is reassuring to hear from the buyer why they want to sell something. This question should give you info about potential issues with the item or if it’s simply a routine sale (e.g., upgrading to a new model, etc.).

History of the Item: “How long have you owned it, and where did you get it from?”

Another question I’ve heard a lot, but it’s important. Knowing the item’s history, including previous owners and usage, can reveal its longevity and any recurring issues.

Price Negotiation: “Is the price negotiable?”

This helps you feel out if there’s room for negotiation, helping you get the best deal possible.

Inclusions: “Does the sale include any accessories or additional components?”

This clarifies what comes with the purchase, so you know if you need to buy additional accessories or parts. As an example, sometimes sellers will list something like a 50-inch TV for sale, but they don’t have the factory remote for it.

Meeting for Inspection: “Can I inspect the item in person before purchasing?”

Personal inspection before a purchase can make sure the item matches its description and functions as expected. Most sellers should not question this question. 🙂

Payment Method: “What payment methods do you accept?”

Discussing payment methods upfront helps plan for a secure transaction process. Typically with Craigslist, cash has always been kind for transactions. But with so many options nowadays with Zelle, Venmo, and other ways to pay, figure out ahead of time what is comfortable with both parties.

Safety Measures for Meeting: “Where would you like to meet to finalize the purchase?”

This ensures the transaction occurs in a safe location, minimizing risks for both parties. I have written about safety many times on this site. Use common sense.

Previous Usage: “How was the item used, and how frequently?”

This question provides insight into potential wear and tear or if the item has been overused.

Now Let’s Get Into Some Less Common Questions to Ask Sellers

Functionality and Performance: “Does the item work as expected? Are there any issues or repairs needed?”

This helps you learn if the item works as expected, highlighting any defects or limitations you should be aware of. Like, if you are buying a car on Craigslist, any minor accidents will be important for you to know about that would need to be fixed (obviously).

Warranty: “Is there any warranty left on the item?”

A remaining warranty can provide peace of mind and protection against future problems.

Original Packaging and Receipts: “Do you have the original packaging and purchase receipt?”

This helps you know how well the item was cared for and helps verify its authenticity and ownership.

Return Policy: “Is there any return policy in case there’s an issue with the item?”

Knowing if returns are accepted protects you if the item doesn’t meet expectations after purchase. Don’t expect this option with most Craigslist purchases, but if you are buying from a business selling on Craigslist, it might not hurt to ask.

Compatibility: “Is the item compatible with [your specific requirements]?”

This confirms that the seller’s item will meet your specific needs or work with other equipment you have.

Serial Number or Model: “Can you provide the serial number or model for verification purposes?”

Ideally, the brand and model number of the item should be in the product description. However, this question allows you to verify the item’s authenticity, check for recalls, or ensure it’s not stolen with the serial number. Keep in mind, some sellers might be offended if you ask for a serial number or simply won’t give you that information.

Conclusion About Craigslist Questions To Ask

Asking these questions can help you avoid scams, ensure the item meets your expectations, and negotiate a fair price. Got more cool tips? Let me know and share this post on social media!

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  1. Nice list of questions. I am sometimes awkward when answering craigslist ads and don’t know what to say.

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