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Very Rare Dried Lizard for Sale on Craigslist

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The future value of this product has unlimited possibilities. It is, none other than, a very rare dried lizard posted for sale on craigslist.

Here’s what the original photo from the ad looked like:

dried lizard on craigslist

Is It Dead?

I don’t know a lot about dried lizards. Actually, to be honest, I know nothing about dried lizards.

But I am guessing they are lizards that have died and were left untouched so they sort of ‘fossilize’ in their natural state?

The Craigslist Ad

Here’s what the ad had to say:

what I have here is a genuine dried lizard. You can stop looking now because I have the original this may even be worth millions some day (who knows) I would be willing to trade for high end sports car or gold maybe both so hurry and don’t miss out on owning this beauty

It Could Be Worth Millions Some Day

I believe it. Look at it. It even comes with a certificate of authenticity…

dried lizard coa certificate of authenticity

Dried Lizards for Making Soup?

Turns out, after doing a little research, dried lizards are used for making soup in Hong Kong. But they aren’t eaten like popcorn. They are used like bay leaves to simmer and release the flavor of lizards.

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