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Use a Hashtag in Your Craigslist Posts

If you are going to be posting multiple items for sale on Craigslist, it is a good idea to use a unique tag in your ads so they can be found easier. Since Craigslist returns exact search result queries, make sure you include a tag that would not be in anyone else’s ads so your ads are the only ones that will show up.

For example, if you notice in the examples pictured, I used the unique tag “uniquehashtag2012” in the item description.

Since I know no one else will be putting “uniquehashtag2012” in their descriptions, I will be able to find my ads much easier using Craigslist’s search results.

So, using this example, if I am going to post more than one item for sale on Craigslist, I will be able to go back to Craigslist later & search “uniquehashtag2012” and all of my items will show up in the search results.

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Unique Hashtags in Craigslist Ads Can Help You Find Your Ads

Using unique hashtags in your CL description can be helpful to make sure your items are actually showing up live on the Craigslist website for potential buyers. It can also be very helpful if you want to direct people to the items you have for sale.

You can tell people via your blog or Facebook account to search in your city for “uniquehashtag2012” or “person-usps-number“(or whatever term you choose) and they will see the items you are selling on Craigslist.

If you list a bunch of items, it could be like your own virtual garage sale. You just need to make sure you use a term that no one else on CL would use in their descriptions.

You could probably include the # symbol to make it feel more like a Twitter search, too. Or use a completely random number like: 9DF3VN773NJA

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