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Tip for Buying on Craigslist

I have a simple tip for people that are looking to buy an item posted on Craigslist: Make sure you know what item you are calling or emailing about before you call or send that email.

Don’t assume that the person you are contacting only has one item for sale on there.

Use Common Sense

I post a lot of things for sale on CL. A lot of other people post multiple things for sale on Craigslist.

It can be very frustrating as a seller when someone contacts me and says, “Do you still have the camera?” Well, I do, but which camera are you asking about?

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Sometimes it takes two or three minutes for me to ask the person questions about the camera they might be asking about until they remember.

And this process is worse through email since it can take a few days of email exchanges to figure out the exact camera they want to know about.

Know and Remember the Ad

So, if you are going to call someone selling stuff on craigslist, make sure you at least know the brand and maybe a model number of the item you are calling about.

Don’t assume the seller only has one ad on CL and don’t call for a USPS human asking if they still have the camera, the drill, the table, the radio, the iPod Touch to unlock and other general terms.

Call (or email) and ask about the Sony MHC-EC909iP stereo instead. It will save time and frustration and you will be able to communicate with the buyer a lot easier.

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When going to meet someone you’ve connected with through Craigslist to buy something, always take the necessary precautions.

Meeting in a public place during daytime is ideal — popular spots include coffee shops, shopping centers or even the parking lot of your local police station, and make sure to bring another person along. Don’t buy something from a Craigslist seller on your own if you don’t have to.

It’s also important to keep your cell phone handy and turned on during the encounter.

If you are buying furniture items or other large things, it’s best to get the buyer’s name and cell phone number prior to meeting.

Sending them a text an hour before is also recommended; that way if something comes up, you have their information in your phone. Additionally, if possible, ask the seller to move the item into their driveway or garage ahead of time so there can be plenty of space for standing.

Finally, ask a friend to come with you for added security when going to someone else’s house.

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