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Fun with Spam from Craigslist

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Since I post a lot of stuff for sale on Craigslist, I receive a lot of spam email.

I think people that are trying to promote products or websites use software that scans ads posted on Craigslist and it automatically responds to the anonymous emails on the ads.

A lot of the spam I get is porn related, but I also get spam from other types of sites and products.

A lot of it is funny to me because it is so random and diverse.

Thank You Spam Folder

Luckily, almost all of it goes straight into my spam folder, so I just scan the titles and then empty the folder. The photo in this post is my spam folder after a weekend of having a lot of ads posted on Craigslist.

craigslist spam folder

Please note that if you post an item or two, you will not get this much spam emailed to you. I only get this much because I keep a lot of items up on the website. This is also after four days of not deleting them.

So, just to have a little fun, lets explore my Craigslist spam folder. It looks like my life could change and be totally awesome if I follow these emails. There are also warnings about me that I had no clue were taking place…

A Credit Check, Really?

Apparently, someone may have run a credit check on me, however, I can also get a top credit card with any credit, good or bad! Great news.

I could become a CNA or RNA, while at the same time I could see pictures of single Christians in my area for free.

I could get a great deal on a 2012 car and then drive around in my new car spending my $1,000 Walmart gift card that I won! Wow, I can’t believe all of these great things I can have.

On top of all these great gifts, I can then learn how to have mind blowing sex (by blowing her mind), then meet for free sex with a local girl now. Heather Hunter already likes my profile (what profile on what website??), and Launce Trabucco sent me a link to her pix. Incredible!

Then after all of that sexy fun, I can go home and play casino games online. But first, I had better check on the FedEx parcel notification notice for a package that I never shipped (or a package I am not expecting to receive).

Don’t Worry about Craigslist Spam, It’s Normal

This post is not intended to keep you from posting and selling on Craigslist in fear of receiving a lot of spam.

I think many people don’t post on CL because of the spam they might get.

However, I am just showing that it is all pretty harmless, you really don’t get a lot of it unless you post a lot of stuff, and it is simple to check them and click the delete button.

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