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Older Craigslist Buyers

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I had a reminder today about “older” Craigslist buyers. And by “older”, I mean age. I do not mean any disrespect.

This is just a helpful tip for other Craigslist sellers that may wind up in this situation. It is up to the seller how they want to handle it.

After agreeing to a price over the phone for an item, the buyer arrived to purchase the item today.

Then, out came the checkbook.

This has happened to me in the past and both checkbook buyers were significantly older than me.

However, this is how these two gentleman still do business and I’m sure there are many other Craigslist buyers that would like to write you a check instead of handing you cash.

Don’t Feel Bullied by the Buyer

The first time this happened, I told the buyer “No, I will only accept cash”. I looked up his nearest bank location, he left and got cash, then returned to pay for the item.

This time I was in a position where I could accept a check, so I did.

Both times, the buyer left happy.

If you agree to a cash transaction over the phone or via email, then you should expect the buyer to bring cash.

However, if you are working with a buyer from an older generation, keep in mind that they may think a check is the same as cash.

When selling on Craigslist, cash is always the best way to get paid. If you feel uncomfortable if a buyer offers a different form of payment, just tell them you will pass on their offer and wait until someone brings cash instead.

It’s not like eBay, where Paypal is the best method of payment.


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