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Nigerian Scammers on Craigslist Part 2

Finally, I have put together Part 2 of my Nigerian Scammer emails. This will be a continuation of Part 1, so please read Part 1 if you have not already read it.

Just so you know, I have been going back and forth with a Nigerian scammer via email for a few weeks.

I have been doing this so I can post a real example of how the Nigerian scams work.

I hope this helps keep other Craigslist sellers from being scammed.

nigerian scammer email screenshot

Here we go…

“Paypal” Scammer:

Dear Valued Customer

We are using this medium informing you to cross check this information before we go ahead crediting your account

Account e-mail:

Item Price                    $2,800.00USD
Shipping Fees              $200.00USD
Total                             $3,000.00USD

kindly get back to us with the , so we can be able to complete our verification on it and credit your account
get back to us on our e-mail
( For Using PayPalMe (to “Paypal”):Hi Paypal,I am really confused now. What is a Cross Check?And you say “kindly get back to us with the , so we can be able to complete our verification on it and credit your account”.
Get back to you with what??I have already gone through the trouble of getting a picture of the shipping receipt. I don’t understand what this Cross Check means.  Please explain.

Me (to scammer):I got an email from Paypal that said something about a Cross Check. Do you know what that means?Scammer:ok maybe they have completed their confirmation so they sent you an
e-mail to cross check maybe they should go on and credit your account
send them an e-mail that they should go on…okay

Scammer:make sure u contact paypal

Me (to “Paypal”):Hi Paypal,Please go ahead with the process. Thank you.

Me (to scammer):I replied to the Paypal email and told them to continue with the process.

Scammer: ok


(NOTE: Now we have reached the next step in the scammer’s process. They claim that too much money was taken out of their account, and you will need to repay the difference using Western Union. Nigerian scammers love Western Union!)__________________________________

Scammer: Hello seller, i just checked my account now and find out that PayPal has made a mistake of deducting $3,400 from my account instead of $3,000 so please kindly contact PayPal customer service via their e-mail at ( so that they can explain what to do to you please kindly refund my money back via Western Union and here is the address you will send the money to below

Name : Aowosere Ayodele James
Address : No 5 joyce b road oke-ado
Zip code..23402

so kindly get back to me asap


Me (to scammer):


I just logged into my email and I was glad to hear from you.  I will contact Paypal to figure out what I need to do. They still haven’t credited my account with the money.

Me (to “Paypal”):

To Paypal,

I sold an item online and I have shipped the item to a person in Nigeria. I still have not been paid. The money has not been credited to my account.
Now I just found out that Paypal took too much money from the buyer’s account and I need to refund the difference.

Please explain what is happening! The item will be in Nigeria soon and I haven’t been paid!

“Paypal” Scammer:

We are pleased to get back to you regarding your message, the error occur from our data base and not from the buyer. The buyer made two transaction the same day with yours so we mistakenly credit your account with  $3,400.00, so you are advice to send the sum of US


$400. 00 via Western Union to the address given below in order to credit your PayPal account with the total amount of  $850.00.
You are advise to do this before (24hour from now) and get back to us with the senders information given to you at the western union office so that we can credit your account immediately before sending this information to the buyer for security purpose.

Sender’s Information’s

Sender’s Name:
Post Code:
Phone #:
Sender’s Secret Question:
Sender’s Secret Answer:
Amount Transfered:
Failure to this will lead to along time delay in crediting your account, Nevertheless, If there is any information/verification you may need to make/have, email us via: (

Here is the receiver’s information for the money transfer:

Name : Aowosere Ayodele James
Address : No 5 joyce b road oke-ado
Zip code..23402

Note : PayPal will be responsible for any loss this may result to

Thank you for Using PayPal,
The PayPal Team

Me (to “Paypal”):
I will go to Western Union and send the money today.  I will be sure to contact Paypal with the information.
I have never used Western Union. How does it work?? Do I just tell them I want to send $400 to the address?

“Paypal” Scammer:

We sent an e-mail to you regarding what you need to do we made a mistake of crediting your account with the sum of $3,400
so all you need to do is to Refund the money back to the buyer’s address we sent you.So after doing that you need to get back to us with the scan paper
of the (Western Union) and we will credit your account with the sum of ($3,400) so please do so and get back to us before 24hrs.

Thank you for using PayPal
PayPal Team

“Paypal” Scammer:

** You are Secure with Us **

We are using this medium to tell you that your money is here with us and your money is secure with us so get back
to us so that we can credit your account.

Thank you for using PayPal
PayPal Team.

Me (to “Paypal”):

Thank you. That is good news. I will go to Western Union today and send the money.


There is more to come. Hopefully I have already provided enough info to help Craigslist sellers stay away from Nigerian scammers. There will be a Part 3 about how to sell on craigslist.

As you can see, the scammers are putting pressure on me to send $400 through Western Union to the Nigerain address. They already think they are getting an expensive piece of jewelry from me.

Now they are trying to trick me into sending them cash! Nigerian scammers are so greedy!

Check back soon for more! And How do I talk to a real person at USPS


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