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How to Use Bold or Italics in Your Craigslist Ad

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Here is a very simple trick that can help you highlight a sentence or two in your Craigslist ad by making the text bold or putting it in italics.

All you will need to do is add some very simple HTML coding before and after the text you want highlighted.

These HTML codes need to be inserted when you create your description on your Craigslist ad.

how to bold craigslist

Bold and Italics HTML Examples

Please see the examples below. The first screen cap shows the codes you will need to put around the text in your Craigslist item description.

The second screen cap shows the results when the ad is live on Craigslist.

Simple HTML will help you do it. Examples:

<b>Bold Text Using the b tag</b>
<i>Italic text Using the i tag</i>

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Craigslist italics & bold text
Create Bold or Italics in Item Description
Craigslist Bold & Italics example
Bold Italics Results

Bonus Tip:

How Do You Underline in Craigslist?

If you want to underline in your Craigslist ad, use the code example below. Use the open and closed “u” HTML tag.

<u>Underlined text</u>

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This was a short and quick post that I hope you found helpful. Want more tips? Check out how to exclude words in a Craigslist search, too. Thanks.

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