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How to Unlock Your iPod Touch Without the Password [Solved]


This article will teach you how to unlock your iPod Touch without knowing the password or passcode.  Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to use your iTouch again.

It gets better:

This tutorial also works when it says disabled or it says you can’t try the passcode for another 326,132 minutes (or more or less).

Read this first:

If you use the following steps, you will lose all information that is currently stored on the device.

You will lose all of the music, all of the pictures, videos and applications stored on the iPod Touch. Also, be sure you have iTunes installed on your computer before you try to reset it.

Step 1:

You should see a screen asking you to enter the passcode. While it is locked on this screen, plug it into your computer with the USB cord.

locked ipod touch

Step 2:

When you plug it into the computer, iTunes should automatically open. iTunes will then give you a message telling you it cannot open the iPod’s info because it requires a password.  Keep the iTouch plugged into the computer. Then click Cancel and close iTunes.

locked itouch

Step 3:

At this point, your iTouch should be plugged into the computer and iTunes should be closed.

Now you will need to hold the Power Sleep/Wake button (on top) and the Home button together for about 20 to 25 seconds.

Hold the two buttons together until the device resets and shows a screen with a USB plug and an iTunes logo. When you see this USB & iTunes screen, you will need to open iTunes.

itunes usb screen

Step 4:

You will then see a screen in iTunes telling you it detected an iPod in recovery mode. Click OK.

recovery mode apple

Step 5:

Then you will see the screen in iTunes where you can click to restore the device. Click the Restore button.

restore apple touch

Step 6:

After you click the Restore button in iTunes, leave the i Pod plugged into the computer until it is done restoring.

Do not unplug it.

Do not push any of the buttons.

Do not touch the screen.  Leave it alone and let it restore

touch restore

Step 7:

When it is done downloading the latest software from Apple and it is done restoring, you will see the screen where you can sync the iPod with music, videos, applications, and the photos you choose.

itouch unlocked

That’s it! This process works with all of the models and generations listed here:

It unlocks the 1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen, and 4th generation models. I haven’t tried it with the 5th generation or any later models.

Here are some quick tips about how to unlock an iPod Touch without the password or if you forgot the passcode.

For those who are having trouble, follow these steps. I have done this many times using the exact instructions detailed above.

The entire process happens with the iPod plugged into the computer and it is very simple to unlock…

1. Plug the i Pod Touch into your computer, make sure iTunes opens.

2. Close iTunes, but keep your iPod Touch plugged in. (If you are on a Mac, be sure to click “iTunes” in the top left corner of your screen and click “Quit iTunes”. The iTunes program needs to be closed, not just the window. If you only click the red button to close the window, you are not actually closing Apple’s i Tunes!)

3. With the i Pod plugged in and iTunes closed, hold the home and power button together at the same time for 20 – 25 seconds. Do not release those buttons for 20 – 25 seconds. The iPod will shut off and turn back on to a screen with the iTunes logo and USB cord while you are holding both iPod buttons.

4. When you see that screen, release the buttons, keep i Pod Touch plugged in, open i Tunes.

5. Click “OK” when iTunes opens, click “Restore” button.

Please share this Apple iPod touch article if it was helpful.

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146 thoughts on “How to Unlock Your iPod Touch Without the Password [Solved]”

  1. Found my old ipod touch that was locked like this and these instructions worked to help unlock it.

  2. I tried this and it seemed to be working fine. It reset but then I started to activate it and it said it had to be activated with the apple id originally set up and wouldn’t let me go any further. I bought the Ipod used and the girl said she doesn’t know the password. Thanks!

  3. this actually works. thanks for doing this tutorial. some of the videos i saw were confusing and didn’t work for me.

  4. Worked on my disabled 5th Gen Touch. Spent 6 months as a rechargeable paperweight until I found this site. Did Restore / OS update closing the window that said to enter pass code. Back to factory without spending time and money is good enough for me.

  5. How can you unfreeze a regular ipod? I have an older ipod with the wheel thing and it turns on, but i cant do anything. It doesnt scroll or anything, just lights up.

  6. Ive watched video on youtube about unlocking an ipod and i can’t figure it out. this seems good, but it still keeps going to the itunes screen thing. what am i doing wrong?

  7. hey, thanks for writing this! it took awhile for my ipod to update in itunes, but once it was updated, i was able to do this process and unlock it.

  8. I’ve been looking for somewhere with good instructions how to unlock my old ipod and this was good. be patient if you try it because it didnt work the first time I tried it.

  9. cool, thanks for the info. got it unlocked and back running again, just need to charge it some more.

  10. great, i think ill give this a try. i thought i put the password the same as a pin number, but i guess not and cant think of it.

  11. I couldn’t remember the passwerd for my old 3g ipod but this got it unlocked for me to sell on ebay.

  12. I saw this on a site:

    Apple also notes that company “representatives cannot unlock an iPod if you forget your combination. If you can’t unlock your iPod and you don’t have access to the primary computer, your only option is to restore the iPod, which will erase all music and data.”

    But I tried the tips here and it unlocked.

  13. This actually does work. The people that can’t figure it out saying it doesn’t work are doing it wrong.

  14. I had to try it a few times because stupid itunes was updating, but it eventually worked for me. thanks

  15. Due to comment spam and the captcha not working, I need to moderate the comment section. I need to approve your comment before it will show up live on the site.

  16. uhm so i did this and then it was going good until it reached 70 mins. then now its saying ipod software update and iod turned back on… is this what its supposed to do ?

  17. @Tyler.. This iTouch unlocking process only takes a few minutes. If it is taking 30 minutes, then I think iTunes is downloading the latest firmware for the iPod. If iTunes is downloading the latest software while the iPod Touch is plugged in, then the restoration process described above will fail.

    You need to make sure your iTunes is updated with the newer iOS 5 before you remove the password. When you have the latest OS in your iTunes, then start from step 1 and reset your iPod Touch.

  18. I have an itouch 4g thats locked and i have followed the steps but when restoring the ipod every 30minutes it goes back to that apple logo then back to the passcode screen. what am i doing wrong?

  19. Thanks so much! My 6 year-old had locked his itouch and it had been untouched for about the last 2 weeks until I figured out what to do. We followed your instructions and now he’s back in business singing to Pandora and playing his apps!

  20. @ERIK UP HERE from the Facebook comments.

    I came across the same error message today. The error has nothing to do with this tutorial and nothing to do with unlocking the iPod Touch.

    You got that message because you need to update your version of iTunes before you download the newest iPod firmware.

    I got that message twice today while unlocking an iPod. I figured out that I needed to download the latest version of iTunes before downloading the latest firmware for the iPod touch. The older iTunes can’t install the newer iPod Touch iOS.

    Check this link for troubleshooting issues:

  21. @Shelby.. That sounds like a connection error between iTunes and Apple. Try restarting your computer and then try to reset the iPod.

    If restarting your computer doesn’t work, try to re-install iTunes. That should fix any connection issues between iTunes and the Apple server.

  22. Hey! I bought an ipod touch from someone and they dont remember the passcode. Every time I plug it into itunes, it says, “Ipod softwear update server could not be conected. Make sure network settings are correct and your network connection is active. or try again later.”

    Any ideas?

  23. I searched on so many websites to get this problem fixed. You made it so simple.. thanks so much it stated it was disabled for 21,023,362 mins.

    thanks again

  24. Hello,
    The input posted by Sylvie on 04th January 2011 provides another way to unlock the iPod. I used Sylvie’s way on my son’s 4th generation iPod, who had forgotten the pass code, and it worked. I tried as a start, thinking to user nickg’s way, if that did not work.
    Thank you all.

  25. i dont have the passcode and then there was letters saying Enter Passcode with letter and numbers and i was like what???????!! please help mee!

  26. sir i have got ipod second hand but he tried for passcode forgotten the passcode thier shown 21,822,880 what i can do?

  27. I unlocked another iPod Touch 4th generation that didn’t have the password. It worked with the steps above.

  28. i already download the ipod software update, but my itouch not plug int the computer, what will i do to unlock my i touch pls hlp!

  29. @Carl.. If you haven’t plugged the iPod into your computer for a long time, iTunes will take awhile to update its software. If you do this process while iTunes is updating, it won’t work.

    Try it again and follow the steps carefully. It works.

    Make sure the iPod is plugged into the computer, make sure iTunes is closed, then hold the two buttons together for 20 – 25 seconds until you see the “connect to iTunes” screen.

  30. I tried this and it still requires me to put in a password. I did the restore/erase and sync to my daughter’s IPOD because she forgot her passcode. I am trying it again to see if it works. Will she ever have to use a pass code again? how can she make another one? thanks….

  31. Had to complete the procedure twice, but it worked like a charm! Easy instructions, great advice!

  32. I have bought a second hand ipod touch off ebay and the seller has not replied to my requests for the passcode. I have tried this about 10 times now, but when i hold the buttons down it goes from the request ‘passcode’ screen to ‘slide to power off’ and after about 30 seconds the request ‘passcode’ isback on again and then the scrren power saver kicks in. Any ideas??

  33. @ibelia.. Sorry, this page is about unlocking the iPod Touch, not unlocking the iPod Nano. I don’t know how to unlock a Nano.

  34. @Diggax.. The iPod Touch does not need to be plugged into the original compter it was synced or registered with.

    Try a couple more times. When I first did this unlocking process, I didn’t get it on the first try. It took a few times before I got the timing.

  35. @lily.. When you get to the iTunes/USB screen, the iPod should be plugged into the computer still. All you will need to do is open iTunes and restore the iPod.

    See the step above where it says, “You will then see a screen in iTunes telling you it detected an iPod in recovery mode. Click OK.” Go from there..

  36. Does it have to be plugged into the same computer youve registered it with because I am doing all the steps correctly and all its doing is shutting off and Ive been holding these buttons for well over 60 seconds.

    I have tried it several times and I can’t get it to work! I found this iPod in a park and I put up posters and stuff to say that I had found it but no body claimed it. I have tried SO many ways and none of them work. I just can get the itunes/usb cable aleart thing when I try to do top button and middle button. I’m not using the original computer it was synced to. does this make a difference? I am pretty sure I am using a 3rd generation iPod touch. PLEASE HELP ME UNLOCK AND RESTORE!

  38. @ Teresa.. This process works with the iPod Touch. I don’t know if it works the same on an iPhone, I have never tried.

    Unfortunately, the thief could break the password on the iTouch and use it. The passcode isn’t really there to “brick” the iPod and make it useless, it is mostly there to keep your data safe from thieves. For example, if she had phone numbers and addresses or photos on the iPod Touch, the thief won’t be able to access that information.

  39. @ maria gazelle.. It shouldn’t have taken anywhere near 6 hours to restore it. After the latest firmware is downloaded in your iTunes, this process should only take about 5 – 10 minutes.

  40. My ipod touch was soaked in water, and just recently started working again, When it turns on it is stuck on the screen saying to plug it into itunes, yet when I do so it tells me that I need to put in my passcode. Is there any way I can get it past this?

  41. My daughter had her 2nd Gen iTouch stolen. She has a pass code on it. So basically, whomever stole it can do a restore on it regardless of a pass code? I have “Find My iPhone” installed on it but if they can do a restore so easily then it’s a waste of $100 for me to have paid specifically so I can use that feature in case this happens.

    Am I pretty much out of luck and my iTouch is like new to the thief? Because I know if a restore is done it will wipe out find my iphone.

  42. @karen.. Just hold the buttons down. Hold the buttons down for 20 – 25 seconds. The iPod will shut off and then reset to the USB screen as long as you didn’t take a finger off of the buttons.

  43. when i hold both buttons the screen telling to slide to close pops up. Am i supposed to slide off??? then while im holding both buttons instead of the plug showing up, the little apple shows up.

  44. @nikole.. You need to have iTunes installed on your computer for this to work.

    Make sure the iPod is powered up, plugged into the computer and make sure iTunes is closed. Then hold down the buttons firmly until you see the USB/iTunes screen. Then open iTunes.

  45. Please help me with my ipod. i have forgotten the password and now have a new computer. i have never done anything on this computer with my ipod. i have followed your instructions, but when i hold the sleep and home button, nothing happens…please help

  46. So glad i was able to help my son with his ipod touch. Sorry but i took the credit and now my son thinks i’m the computer king lol… thank u for making a young boy happy again..

  47. @jmy, if the iPod is disabled, that means someone has tried guessing the passcode too many times. However, the instructions above will work with a disabled iPod Touch.

    Go back to the part where it says to plug the iPod into the computer. You will need to close iTunes while keeping the iPod plugged into the computer. Then you will need to hold the home and power button together for about 25 seconds. Everything is described above in the instructions.

  48. @Arber, this method works because I have done it many times with the 1st – 4th generation iPod Touches. Go back to the first step and read the instructions carefully.

  49. how to unlocked a ipod touch i found this ipod touch and it has a passcode i tried to unlocked but after many tries it pops a red message saying disabled ipod connect to itunes but when i connect it to the computer i message pops saying the erika ipod can’t connect with itunes put the passcode from the ipod and try again what i can i do if i don’t have the passcode and the computer that was sync with the ipod neither plz help me

  50. i try so many times but my Ipos is still disabled :(…what can i do is another way to unlock my Ipod???

  51. pls admin help me…i did the same things that i read here but it doesnt work…is another way to save my ipod???

  52. @richard, Yes, it works with the 4th generation iPod Touch. I tried it recently and it worked with the same process.

  53. well at first i was going to say this doesnt work, just like the others but i tried one more time. it works! you have to hole the circle button first then the sleep button, the itunes with the usb should pop up in secs.. thankzs!!!!

  54. og!!!! i got did !!!! thnks you so very much!! ya know
    og!!! i love ya !!! ya saved my ipod!!!!

  55. @ruben.. You might not even need to do this process. Does it ask for the password when you turn on the iPod Touch?

    If it is not asking for a password, you can just click the “Cancel” button when iTunes asks to connect to “marvins ipod”. Then click the “Restore” button and it should restore the iTouch and sync it to your iTunes library on your computer.

    If you are still having trouble, please try to provide more information and I will try to help.

  56. @Larissa Unfortunately, if you follow this process it will delete all of your apps and games from your iPod Touch. If you have the apps and games saved to your iTunes, you should be able to just sync them back onto the iTouch.

  57. okay i got mine from a pawn shop got scammed n it iz lokked it says connect to itunes i try the trick n it says could not connet to ‘marvins ipod’ which im guessing wuz the previous owner wut do i do nun of these thngs work

  58. OMFG ughh ok i bought like $50 worth of apps/ games and im afraid all my apps (and my money) will be gone when i restore it -.-

  59. omgeee thank you so much i was lookin on so much websites to help my ipod and yhurs was the 1st one to work! thanks alot

  60. I have read of another way to unlock it that is supposed to work really well. this is the answer you get when you call Apple:
    *Press and hold power button to turn off COMPLETLY
    *Next, Hold the home button and DO NOT LET GO a little message should pop up.
    *Still holding the home button, Plug your I-Pod Touch or I-Phone into your computer you’ve registered with.
    *It should say “recover I-Pod, keap holding that button after that just follow the steps on your computer, your music data everything will still be stored on your I-Pod except your passlock.

    NOTICE:It only works with the computer you have registered with.

    This infromation is from ipodhelp on

  61. ok i finally got through all the stages and when i got to the end and the ipod started to do the restore i got the same message as kate (the ipod could not be restored. this device isnt eligable for build.)

    this message comes up in itunes after it says that it is verifying restore with apple. when i click on more information it says the url could not be opened.

    i dont know what else i can tell you to help explain the problem but really hope u can help.

  62. i hav a first gen ipod touch and have been trying to restore the ipod as i hav forgotten the passcode, when i follow the steps above i have some issues

    firstly the itunes does not automativally open when i connect my ipod, i continued to the next step anyway. when i get to this step and you say to hold the two buttons for 20 to 25 secs until the usb and itunes symbols come up on your ipod….. this doesnt work….i get a silver apple (after about 10 secs) then the screen goes black and nothing happens.

    i have also tried looking for the hidden files and deleting the locked file as read this also works but cant find any hidden files either.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  63. Since I get a lot of spam messages on my blog comments, I switched my settings. I will now need to approve your comment before it goes live on the website. I will see your comment and approve it if it is a real comment and I will try to solve your iPod Touch problems if you have any questions about this tutorial.

  64. @peter.. What disc? You don’t need a disc to unlock the iPod Touch. You just need the iPod, the USB cord and a computer with iTunes installed.

  65. @Tally.. What do you mean your screen is broken? Is it just a blank/black screen but it is stuck at the passcode screen?

    What isn’t showing up in your iTunes? When you plug the iPod into your computer, your computer doesn’t read the iPod?

    If you use the original computer that you set the iPod up with and you forgot the password, you should be able to plug the iPod back into the original computer and it should be able to unlock the password.

    Please provide more information and I will try to help.

  66. my screens broke i just want to listen to my music through my computer but it doesnt show up on my itunes is there any way to just get rid of the passcode from my computer or will i need to reset it all and lose everything on it?

  67. It took me a few tries, but I finally got my ipod touch back. I will enter an easier password to remember now!

  68. Thnks! I don’t think I’ve used my older ipod Touch in at least a year. I had no idea what the password was anymore. lol

    It’s working now!

  69. I cant put my ipod in to the screan with a USB plug and an iTunes logo when the USB plug is plugged in but when its not i can but wen i pull it back in my computer wont recognize it

  70. @Moises, if the iPod is running older firmware, iTunes will automatically update it to the newest firmware version when you get to the restore screen.

    For some reason, while iTunes is downloading the latest firmware it will reset the iPod back to the password or disabled screen.

    When iTunes is done downloading, close iTunes, unplug the iPod and start the process again.

    It is hard to describe, but that should work.

  71. @Moises. Actually, that disabled screen works like the “Enter Passcode” screen. When you see the “iPod is disabled” screen, plug the iPod touch into the computer and you should get the same message.

    Follow the same steps. Instead of the “Enter Passcode” screen, you will start with the disabled screen.

  72. so i skip the one that says “First, you should see a screen asking you to enter the passcode. While the iPod is locked on this screen, plug it into your computer.”

  73. @Moises. Yes, even if the iPod touch is completely disabled after entering a wrong password too many times, this process will restore it so you can use it again.

  74. hey just one question ..can i still do this, even if i tryed to many login attempts and now my ipod says “iPod is disabled,Connect to iTunes.?

  75. @Bharath Usually iTunes will automatically open on the computer when you plug in an iPod. Maybe iTunes isn’t opening on your computer when you plug it in, which is fine. That is probably why you aren’t seeing that message.

    Just make sure that the iPod touch is plugged in and iTunes is closed when you are holding down the power and home button.

    You may also want to try it on a different computer, if possible.

  76. When i connect my Ipod to my computer, the following message was not displayed..
    “iTunes will then give you a message telling you it cannot open the iPod because it requires a password. Keep the iPod plugged in. Then click Cancel and close iTunes.”

  77. @Bharath Please be more specific. Did you follow all of the steps of this tutorial in the exact order shown?

    Be sure that the iPod touch is plugged-in to the computer via USB cord and be sure that iTunes is closed when you are holding the iPod touch’s home and power button for 20 – 25 seconds.

    After that step, make sure you open iTunes and click the Restore button. Do not touch the iPod until it is completely done restoring.

    You may need to do this process twice because iTunes will automatically update the firmware. If iTunes updates the firmware, it can take awhile and will interfere with the password erasing process.

    If that happens, just start from the beginning of this tutorial and it should be easy to do since iTunes will already have the latest firmware installed.

  78. @Kim I believe Apple recently updated the firmware for the iPod Touches. This is a guess, but I think is is what may have happened in your case:

    When you started this process and reset the iPod (when you got to the connect to iTunes screen), iTunes probably downloaded the latest firmware for the iPod, which depending on internet connection, can take up to 20 minutes.

    During the firmware update/download time, sometimes the iPod will reset back to the password screen and will give that message.

    Try to go through this process again since the newer firmware version should already be loaded somewhere in your iTunes.

    Also, be sure that iTunes is closed while the iPod is plugged in to the computer when you hold the two buttons for 20 – 25 seconds.

    I hope this helps. (And I hope that makes sense.)

  79. I tried this and it was working and then all of a sudden it says that the Ipod can not be restored because the Ipod is locked, what does that mean?? PLEASE HELP!!! 🙁 I keep trying and trying to unlock my son’s password that he can not remember anymore, and I just can not get it to unlock.

  80. @kate. Could you provide more info, please? What version of iTunes are you using and which iPod Touch model are you restoring? Also, does it give that message on the iPod or in iTunes?

    I have never seen that message, so I am not sure what that means. Maybe with some more info, I could try to help you.

  81. please help this web i thought was my fix but, at the end it said this ipod could not ve restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build. What does that mean? thanks

  82. This actually worked and it was easy. I forgot my old 1st generation iPod touch password and i found this tutorial. Thanks!

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