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How to Unlock and Reset Nintendo DSi XL Parental Controls


This guide will show you how to unlock and reset the parental controls for the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL.

The steps are pretty easy to follow.

Clean Up the Data

I generally try to clean them up the best I can before listing it for sale online.

Sometimes, however, the Nintendo DSi systems will have over 200 photos of the previous owner stored on the machine.

Delete Photos

Unfortunately there is not an easy way to delete all of the photos at once. You need to delete each photo individually, which can be very time consuming.

The best way to delete all of the info off of a DSi is to reset it back to the factory settings, but sometimes there is a parental control password that does not allow you to reset it to factory settings.

This is how to remove the parental controls pin number so you can reset the Nintendo DSi (or XL) to factory settings:

First, go to the Nintendo system settings. It is the icon that looks like a wrench:

dsi system settings

Scroll to the 3rd page and select “Parental Controls”:

dsi parental controls

You will see a screen that asks you to enter a 4 digit code. Select the “I Forgot” button on the bottom:


It will then bring you to a screen that asks you to answer the secret question. You do not need to know the answer. Just type in at least 6 characters and click “OK”:

dsi secret question

It will tell you that your answer is incorrect. Click “OK”:

dsi incorrect answer

Repeat the last two steps a few times.

After you answer the secret question wrong 3 times in a row, the DSi will bring you to a screen with an inquiry number.

dsi inquiry number

Click OK to get to the next screen.

Now you will need to visit this website:

The site says that it is for resetting the Wii parental control password, but it also works with the DSi and DSi XL.

Be sure that the date on that website matches the date on your DSi. Enter the Inquiry Number from the DSi into the “Confirmation Number” box on the website.

Now enter the 5 digit code from the website into the DSi and click OK:

dsi code

It will bring you to the next screen where it will give you a few options. I choose the “Clear Settings” option:

dsi clear settings

Click “Yes”:

dsi settings cleared

Then go back into the DSi system settings screen from step 1 (looks like a wrench).

Scroll to the 4th page until you see “Format System Memory”:

dsi format

NOTE: Formatting the system memory will delete everything off of the DSi.

Follow the steps on the screen:

dsi reset steps

Wait a few minutes for the system to restore. The DSi will shut off when it is done.

When you turn it on, you will need to enter information such as the time and date.

You will be setting it up as if you turned it on for the first time.

Now you are ready to resell the Nintendo DSi or DSi XL with no information from the previous owner.

I hope this tutorial helps. Please share this article if you found it helpful.

27 thoughts on “How to Unlock and Reset Nintendo DSi XL Parental Controls”

  1. Hey! Thank you, I already figured out how to reset the Parental Controls by entering it so many times then it gave me those options, So then I just didn’t know how to factory reset. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing this article. I am satisfied with this article and happy:)

  2. The DSI I bought at second hand store has a date display of 01/01/2000. The website provided will not allow me to go back more than 3 days. Tried several times to get master key. And… Nada

  3. Thank so much, didnt work the first time, but tried and again this time re-selecting the date and it worked perfectly

  4. Hi, i keep getting “Master key is incorrect”. i have the right date/time so im unsure of what to do. i bought my dsi xl from a market, and when i went back the following week i was unable to locate the sellers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  5. I think you can actually contact Nintendo and they will help you and give you the code to type in to reset the control. Somewhere at

  6. Thanks mate! Got this thing from a gamestop with a bunch of WEIRD pics on it and other junk. Worked like a charm!

  7. Thank you kind sir! I bought a used DSI from eBay and it had a bunch of stuff stored on it that I didn’t want. This deleted eveything.

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