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How to Ship Items to Craigslist Buyers Using Bonanza

Craigslist is a website designed for local, person-to-person sales.  However, if you post enough items for sale on Craigslist, you will occasionally get people that will want you to ship an item.

I am not talking about Nigerian scammers, either.

I am talking about legitimate buyers that live in a different area or state that want you to ship an item to them.

In this blog, I will provide a method to help you safely sell and ship items to Craigslist buyers.

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Don’t Just Use Email

First, do not solely communicate through email if you are going to ship an item to a Craigslist buyer.

Be sure to get the buyer’s phone number or give them your phone number so you can speak over the phone and get a feel for each other.

Then you can answer any questions the buyer may have about the item and decide if it is a person you would like to do business with.

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t offer to ship the item.

Decide if They are Trustworthy

After I have decided that I want to do business with the person, the next thing I do is direct the buyer to an online selling website called Bonanza. (Now called

Be sure to sign up and browse the website to become familiar with how it works before directing a Craigslist buyer to the site.

It is very easy to use and there are plenty of helpful people in the discussion forums if you need help listing items.

It is free to sign up for Bonanza, free to list items for sale, and the final selling fees are low.

I then explain to the potential Craigslist buyer that the only way I will ship the item is if they buy the item through Bonanzle.  I tell them that it is safe and will help protect both parties.

Regular Buyers

Most legitimate Craigslist buyers that want you to ship an item will just want to send a payment to your Paypal email address.

I do not fully trust that method no matter how nice and trustworthy the person sounds on the phone.

You could also just send an invoice to the buyer through Paypal, but I also don’t feel like that is enough protection since it would be easy for the buyer to dispute the shipment after they receive the item.

That is why I feel that adding Bonanzle to the sale creates a better sense of security.

If the buyer agrees to purchase the item through Bonanzle, I then create a listing for the item on Bonanzle and update my Bonanzle booth so it is for sale on the website (there are tutorials that will show you how to sign up and list an item if needed).

Email Them

Then I email them the link to the item and they complete the checkout process.

They can pay with Paypal.

I then package and ship the item and update the buyer with the tracking number.

I have done this process many times for Craigslist buyers that want me to ship an item to them and I have never had a problem.

I feel that using this method of selling on Craigslist to people through Bonanzle is safer for both the buyer and seller.

Email me if you have any questions!

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2 thoughts on “How to Ship Items to Craigslist Buyers Using Bonanza”

  1. I just go direct. I don’t sell anything high value/fraud online like ps3s.

    If it is $40 or under I pretty much make the listing, show the pics, show my accounts elsewhere that I’m established and give the payment addy.

    Since ebay has gotten terrible on fees more and more I list something- sell it and say I have more available. Lots of people deal direct with someone established. Just have to s-p-e-l-l out your email since they try to block such.

    I even offer discounts for such (about half)
    Even when buying something sizeable on ebay I often say your final fees amount to X discount me 60% of that and I will pay directly.

    Its a money game not feedback. Ebay has gotten so bad on small value items you gotta do such things to profit. I wish craigslist would outright offer shipping with basic coverage to buyer and seller with a third party like google check or whatever.

    Retain the free ness of it all and inch in a deal for the credit card processor. They have massive traffic and can keep it free while making major bucks.

    Something needs to happen to put ebay/paypals crime racket in its place. These off hand sites like bonanzle/etc.. simply wont do it.

  2. Craigslist Item Pictures

    Very good information for Craigslist buyers. Infact, am planning to buy any Laptop through Craigslist soon, but have no idea how the deal is made. I too don`t have a Paypal account ofcourse. Can any one suggest me how should I initiate? Thanks in advance.

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