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How to Sell Your Guitar on Craigslist

Selling guitars on Craigslist can be a breeze if you know the specific details about your axe. Understanding the brand, model, and year of your guitar can significantly enhance your listing’s attractiveness to potential buyers. Let’s dive into some specifics about popular guitar brands and how to effectively add these details in your Craigslist listing.

How to Sell Guitars on Craigslist

Clean and Inspect Your Guitar

Before listing your guitar, give it a thorough cleaning. Dust, polish the body, and clean the fretboard. Check for any damages or wear and tear, and be honest about the condition in your listing. If there are any issues, mention them to avoid misunderstandings with potential buyers.

Take High-Quality Photos

Clear, well-lit photos are crucial. Take pictures from various angles, including the front, back, sides, headstock, and any special features or imperfections. Good lighting can make a significant difference in how your guitar looks in photos.

Write a Detailed Description

A detailed description helps buyers understand what you’re offering. Include the make, model, year, and any modifications or upgrades. Be clear about the condition, and mention any included accessories like cases, straps, or extra strings.

Example Titles and Descriptions For Guitars

Title: “Fender Stratocaster 2020 – Excellent Condition, Upgraded Pickups”

Description: “Up for sale is my 2020 Fender Stratocaster in near-mint condition. This guitar has been well-maintained and features upgraded Seymour Duncan pickups for a richer tone. There are no scratches or dings, and the frets show minimal wear. Comes with a hard case, strap, and an extra set of Ernie Ball strings. Perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike.”

Title: “Gibson Les Paul Studio 2018 – Cherry Sunburst, With Hard Case”

Description: “Offering my 2018 Gibson Les Paul Studio in beautiful Cherry Sunburst finish. This guitar has a few minor scratches but plays perfectly. The humbuckers deliver that classic Les Paul sound. Comes with a Gibson hard case and a leather strap. A great addition to any collection.”

Set a Competitive Price

Research similar guitars on Craigslist and other platforms like Facebook Marketplace to get an idea of the going rate. Price your guitar competitively, but be willing to negotiate. If you’re not in a rush to sell, you might start a bit higher and lower the price if needed.

Respond Promptly to Inquiries

When potential buyers contact you, respond quickly and professionally. Be ready to answer questions about the guitar’s condition, history, and features. If a buyer wants to test the guitar, arrange a safe meeting place, preferably in a public area.

Be Safe During Transactions

For safety, meet in a public place during the day. If possible, bring a friend along. Accept cash or use a secure payment method, and ensure the buyer is satisfied with the guitar before completing the sale.


1. How can I determine the value of my guitar?

Research similar models online, check completed listings on eBay, and visit guitar forums. You can also take your guitar to a local music store for an appraisal.

2. Should I include accessories with the guitar?

Including accessories like cases, straps, or extra strings can make your listing more attractive. Mention these items in your description to add value to your offer.

3. How do I handle lowball offers?

Politely decline lowball offers or respond with your lowest acceptable price. It’s important to remain courteous and professional, even if the offer is below your expectations.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to selling your guitar on Craigslist quickly and efficiently. Happy selling on Craigslist!