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If you are looking for tips about how to sell online using websites like eBay or Craigslist or Bonanza, I have one simple tip: Use your title space wisely!

Online selling websites give you a small amount of space to describe your item to make potential buyers click your ad/auction.

You should include as many descriptive keywords as you can about your item within that title space.

For example, use model numbers and other descriptive points about the item and don’t use “L@@K!” in that space.

Don’t Use Unnecessary Keywords

I have never understood why sellers use unnecessary keywords like “GREAT BUY” or “L@@K” in their titles.

It does draw attention to people browsing through categories, but most people are finding items through the search features on these websites.

Using unnecessary keywords takes up valuable space in the title.

Also, the inventory on these online selling websites usually end up in Google searches, and Google does not like titles that have CAP LOCKED keywords like “OMG CHEAP” or “L@@K” in them. I also wouldn’t trust sending my money to those sellers that are advertising their pages..

And think about it. Lets pretend you are looking to get a great deal on a used Nikon D3100 camera. It is highly unlikely that you would go to Google or eBay and type “nikon d3100 L@@K” to find the best deal.

Don’t be a Dick and Use Attention Grabbing Characters.

Instead of using the ol’ “L@@K” as an attention grabber, try using keywords that are more descriptive of the item you are selling, such as the color of the camera. I think more people would search “black nikon camera” than “L@@K nikon camera”.

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