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How to Sell on eBay

Learn how to sell on eBay and boost your Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) with these tips.

Normally I use my blog to talk about selling on Craigslist, but I am going to talk about selling on eBay in this post.

I won’t go into great detail about how to list items on eBay since there are plenty of tools and tips on eBay’s website that will help you.

Instead, I am going to give you tips about how to avoid disputes with your buyers and tell you how to receive high feedback scores (5 out of 5 stars across the board!).

These tips might even help you sell your stuff faster, even if it takes a few minutes longer to list them.

#1. BE HONEST about the item you are selling

Be as honest as you can in your description. If I am selling an iPod Touch to unlock, I make sure to describe any physical flaws that I notice.

If there are two scratches in the upper left corner of the iPod’s screen, I type in the description that there are two scratches in the upper left corner of the screen.

If the back of the iPod is completely scratched up with scuff marks, I include that in the description.

If the screen is flawless with no scratches, I make sure I say that the screen is in near perfect, like-new condition with no scratches.

Use Good Practices

This practice should go with any item you try to sell on eBay.

Since the buyer cannot physically hold the item and view the item in person before they buy, it is comforting for them to know about any flaws before they spend their money.

This helps you get a high feedback score for “Item as described” in the Detailed Seller Ratings. It also helps you avoid any disputes involving the “item not as described” option.

#2: Take photos of your item

If possible, take photos of the actual item you are selling. Buyers like to see what they are buying, so it is smart to show them what they are buying. And, if possible, include more than one photo of the item.

Include close-ups, include photos of any flaws, and include multiple angles of the item you are selling. This helps reinforce tip #1.

Be Detailed

If you are detailed with your photos and detailed & honest in your description, buyers will have confidence in purchasing your product because they know exactly what they are getting and know the condition of the item before they buy it.

There will be no surprises when they receive it.

eBay makes it very easy to sell items such as Blu-Rays, video games, digital cameras, etc. because they will give you a stock photo of the item you are trying to sell.

This does save a lot of time because you don’t even need a camera to sell your stuff. You can just use a stock photo that eBay provides.

Real Photos

However, I have learned that buyers tend to respond quicker to listings with real photos of the item for sale.

Please see the photo examples below. eBay buyers will still buy from a listing using the stock photo on the left claiming that it is brand new, however, the other two photos show the actual item they are going to receive in brand new condition.

The close-up detailed photo also shows that the Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray Disc is sealed in the plastic and it comes with the outer cardboard sleeve. Using real photos boosts the buyer’s confidence.

beauty and the beast stock photo
No to the stock photo
beauty and the beast blu ray
Yes to the real photo

#3. Compare current selling prices of your item before you list it.

Use eBay’s completed listings tool to see the price range in which your item has recently sold and price accordingly.

completed listings ebay

If you are looking to sell a hot new video game that is currenly selling between $30 – $35 used, don’t price it at $39!

Price Low if Possible

It probably won’t sell. Instead, price it as close to the lowest sale as you can.

So, if the game is selling between $30 – $35, price it at $31. Offer cheap shipping or free shipping on your listings if possible.

Offering free shipping will help your item rank higher in the eBay search results.

Offering cheap shipping will help boost your “Shipping and handling charges” score in your feedback and offering free shipping automatically gives you a 5-star in that category if the buyer chooses to leave you feedback!

#4. Package the item safely for shipping

Use bubble wrap and/or packing peanuts. Try to avoid using crumpled-up newspapers. Be sure the actual item isn’t touching the inside of the box, too.

When I am packing an item for shipping, I assume that the package is going to be thrown around. Package your items for shipping as if the box is going to be thrown down a flight of stairs. The safer it is, the happier your buyer will be.

#5. Be sure to ship your item quickly after you have received a cleared payment

Whether you are listing one item for sale on eBay or listing multiple itmes for sale, be sure you are checking to see if something sells! Check every day. It can be very frustrating as a buyer to pay for an item and wait for it to be shipped.

If you sell an item and wait 4 or 5 days to ship it, then it will usually take another 3 to 6 days for the buyer to receive the package (I am only talking about shipments within the U.S.).

Do your best to ship the package within 1 – 2 days after you receive a cleared payment. Also, use USPS Priority Mail if possible for shipping.

Here are two tricks that I like to use in my eBay listings to make packages appear faster in buyer’s mailboxes.

First, I put in my settings that I ship within 3 days of receiving a cleared payment, when in fact I actually ship 1 – 2 days after the payment. I am already gaining a day by doing this because most sellers will assume that it will take me 3 days to ship their item.

I also put in each listing that the item will ship with USPS First Class mail, which takes 3 – 5 days.

For lightweight items, I actually do use First Class mail and it arrives within the timeframe. But for items over 13oz., I use Priority Mail (try to avoid using Parcel Post!)

Even though it is cheaper to ship with Parcel Post, it can take the full 9 days to get there resulting in slooow shipping in your feedback!).

Use Priority Mail When Possible

Priority Mail only takes 2 – 3 days to deliver (within the U.S.). So, I basically tell the buyer in my eBay listing that it will take up to 8 days for them to receive their purchase (3 days to ship plus 5 days with First Class mail).

In fact, I usually ship the next day and they receive it two or three days later (1 day to ship plus 3 in the mail).

People that purchase items online love to receive items faster than expected, especially on eBay, and this tip will help you boost your “Shipping time” rating in the Detailed Seller Ratings.

Use UPS for Heavy Things

I do use UPS for heavier items, which can take longer than Priority Mail, but the idea is still the same. Ship fast and you will have a happy customer! Just like when you learn how to sell on craigslist.

I hope these tips will help you sell your stuff on eBay and help boost your Detailed Seller Ratings. Be honest, use real photos of the item you are selling, price it right, package it safely and ship it quickly.

I have sold a lot (thousands) of items on eBay and USPS and the tips I have shared above have given me the best results. In the last 4 years, I have never had a chargeback, never had a dispute, and never had a problem with a buyer.

All I receive from buyers is positive feedback and 5 stars across the Detailed Seller Rating board! Happy selling! Please share this post!

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