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How to Sell Baby and Kid Items on Craigslist

Selling baby and kid items on Craigslist can be a great way to declutter your home and make some extra cash. From clothes and toys to furniture and gear, parents are always on the lookout for quality items at a good price. Here’s how to make your listings stand out and attract buyers.

Choose the Right Items to Sell

Inspect and Clean Your Items

Before listing anything, make sure it’s in good condition. Clean and sanitize toys, wash clothes, and check that all parts of furniture and gear are included and working.

Popular Items to List

  • Clothing: Baby clothes, toddler outfits, seasonal wear, and special occasion outfits.
  • Toys: Educational toys, outdoor play equipment, and gently used stuffed animals & plushies.
  • Furniture: Cribs, changing tables, dressers, and bookshelves.
  • Gear: Strollers, car seats, high chairs, and baby carriers.

Create an Attractive Listing

Write a Catchy Title

Your title should be clear and concise, grabbing the attention of potential buyers.


  • “Gently Used Graco Stroller – Great Condition!”
  • “Adorable Baby Girl Clothes – Sizes 0-12 Months”

Write a Detailed Description

Provide as much information as possible about the item, including brand, condition, any included accessories, and why you’re selling it.


Title: Gently Used Graco Stroller – Great Condition!

Description: “This Graco stroller is in excellent condition and perfect for on-the-go parents. It features a comfortable seat, a large storage basket, and an easy fold mechanism. We’re selling it because our little one has outgrown it. Includes the original rain cover and cup holder.”

Title: Adorable Baby Girl Clothes – Sizes 0-12 Months

Description: “Mix and match of baby girl clothes, sizes 0-12 months. Includes onesies, dresses, pants, and jackets. All items are clean and well-maintained, from smoke-free and pet-free home. Great variety for all seasons!”

Price Your Items Right

Research Comparable Listings

Check out similar items on Craigslist to get an idea of what others are charging. Pricing your items competitively will help them sell faster.

Consider Bundle Deals

For smaller items like clothes and toys, consider bundling several items together at a discount. This can make your listing more attractive to buyers when selling stuff on Craigslist.

Take Quality Photos

Use Good Lighting

Natural light works best, so take your photos during the day if possible. Make sure the items are well-lit and clearly visible.

Show Different Angles

Take multiple photos from different angles to give buyers a comprehensive view of the item. Include close-ups of any important features or imperfections. you can include up to 24 quality photos on Craigslist, so take advantage of the amount of pics you upload.

Communicate Clearly with Buyers

Respond Promptly

Be quick to respond to inquiries to keep potential buyers interested. Answer questions clearly and honestly.

Arrange Safe Meetups

For everyone’s safety, choose a public place for meetups. Some police stations offer designated safe exchange zones. If you’re selling a larger item like baby furniture, arrange a time when someone else can be home with you.

Finalize the Sale

Be Prepared for Negotiation

Buyers might try to negotiate the price. Be open to reasonable offers, but also know the lowest price you’re willing to accept. You will probably get some lowball offers for your baby & kid items. This is normal.

Confirm Payment Method

Cash is the most common method for Craigslist transactions. Make sure to count the money before completing the sale.


What should I do if my item isn’t selling?

If your item isn’t selling, consider lowering the price, improving the photos, or revising the description to highlight different features. Reposting your listing can also help.

How do I know what price to set?

Research similar items on Craigslist and other platforms like Facebook Marketplace to see what they’re selling for. Price your item competitively but fairly based on its condition and brand.

Is it safe to share my phone number in the listing?

It’s generally safer to communicate through Craigslist’s anonymous email system. If you do share your phone number, consider using a temporary or secondary number for added privacy.

Selling baby and kid items on Craigslist can be a rewarding experience. With clear listings, competitive pricing, and good communication, you’ll find new homes for your items in no time!