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How To Post A Pet For Sale On Craigslist

To be clear, Craigslist prohibits the sale of pets, but you can rehome a pet by charging a reasonable adoption fee. Here’s how to post a pet for rehoming or sale on Craigslist.

sell pets on craigslist

Create a Craigslist Account or Post without an Account

You can create a Craigslist account for free or post without an account using a valid email address.

craigslist pets

Click the “post” link.

Choose your local city/location.

Choose the Category

Select “community” from the main Craigslist page and then click the “pets” subcategory.

craigslist pets community
Craigslist pets sell

Write a Simple but Compelling Title

This will bring up the normal page to fill out your listing to sell on Craigslist.

The title should be attention-grabbing and accurately describe your pet. Use relevant keywords that potential adopters might search for, such as the pet’s breed, age, and personality traits.

Do not spam your keywords. (Do not write something like “Cat for rehoming. I am offering a cat for rehoming. I need to rehome a cat.”) Don’t awkwardly repeat words to try and increase potential buyers. Check out a few examples here to attract buyers.

Good Example Pet Titles

  • Family-Friendly 2 Year Old Labrador Retriever
  • Independent & Loving Siamese Cat Needs New Home
  • Cute 6 Year Old Himalayan Cat Needs New Home

The more details you include, while including descriptive words about the pet like “cute”, the better chance you will have with finding a potential new home for your dog, cat, or other animal. Titles that are more descriptive can lead to more clicks.

Examples of bad titles would just include what the animal is.

Bad Example Pet Titles

  • Python Snake
  • Cat
  • Sphynx Kitten

See the difference? A good descriptive, but still brief title on your pet listing can encourage more clicks to the ad because it gives users more information before they click.

Write a Detailed Description

Provide a thorough description of your pet, including their age, breed, personality, vaccination history, and any special needs. Highlight their positive traits and explain why you’re rehoming them.

Similar to the title advice above, use the description section to really describe the pet and its personality. Don’t just put a picture with a short description like “cat for sale”. The more a stranger can learn about the pet without contacting you, the better chance you’ll have of them actually contacting you.

Include Clear Photos of the Pet

This is probably the most important step of the process of selling a pet on Craigslist.

Upload clear and well-lit photos of your pet from different angles. Choose images that showcase their personality and cuteness. Limit the number of photos to avoid overwhelming potential adopters.

Set a Reasonable Adoption Fee

Craigslist prohibits selling pets, so you must charge an adoption fee. The fee should cover the costs of vet care and vaccinations, but it should also be affordable to encourage responsible re-homing. DO NOT say that you will give away any pets for free. Free pets on Craigslist might be abused or used for the wrong reasons.

Be sure to check these guidelines before you list a pet on Craigslist:

Provide Contact Information

Include your email address or include a phone number in the ad so potential adopters can reach out to you. If you’re concerned about privacy, use a dedicated email address for this purpose.

Review and Post Your Ad

Before posting, carefully review your ad for any errors or typos. Once you’re satisfied, click the “Post” button to make your ad public. If you don’t have an account, verify using the link in your email account.

Renew Your Pet Ad Regularly (If Needed)

Craigslist ads expire after a certain period, so remember to renew your ad regularly to keep it visible to potential adopters.

Additional Tips When Posting a Pet On Craigslist:

  • Respond promptly to inquiries from potential adopters.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your pet’s temperament, health, and history.
  • Screen potential adopters carefully to ensure they can provide a loving home for your pet.
  • Arrange meet-ups in a safe and public place to introduce your pet to potential adopters.
  • Ask for a re-homing fee to help cover the costs of vet care and vaccinations.
  • Make sure the adopter signs a rehoming agreement outlining their responsibilities.

Remember, rehoming a pet is a significant decision, so take your time and find the right home for your furry friend.

Using Craigslist To List A Pet

Craigslist isn’t just a platform for finding a new home for your pet; it’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your love for animals. By following these guidelines, you’ll not only increase your chances of finding the perfect adopter but also contribute to a thriving community of pet enthusiasts.

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  1. I have a M and a F sugar glider. Must be sold together and must buy their cage. Each glider is 250 and cage is 300. Must buy the cage because they are used to it. Have handled them some, but not a lot so new owners can bond with them. They eat fruit and vegetables and baked chicken. Cash only

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