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How to Increase Your Savings and Financial Security

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The best way to obtain financial security in life is to save as much money as possible.

It is also a good idea to know how to keep your account growing after it is put into a bank or brokerage account.

Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can increase your savings and have more control over your life.

Cut Expenses to Increase Savings

There may be plenty of items that you spend money on each day, week or month that you don’t truly need.

For example, you could choose not to get coffee at the trendy and expensive shop down the street from your house.

Instead, you could make your own coffee at home or go somewhere that offers a less expensive product.

It may also be possible to get rid of your gym membership or swap out your existing cable package for one with fewer channels.

In many cases, making these and other changes can save hundreds of dollars without having to put a serious dent in your current lifestyle.

Refinance Existing Loan Balances

If you have a credit card balance, you could choose to refinance it a lower interest rate with a personal loan.

You could also choose to transfer existing credit card balances to a new card with an introductory interest rate lower than what you’re paying today.

If you don’t have good credit, it may be possible to use a car title loan to consolidate debt at a lower interest rate.

Title loan companies can take applications online at your earliest convenience, however, beware of high and crazy interest rates.

In addition to paying less interest, refinancing credit card debt could increase your credit score.

how to increase savings

Get More Hours at Work

Assuming that you can’t cut expenses or refinance your current debt, the best way to increase your savings is to increase your income.

This means either getting a second job or getting more hours at work.

In some cases, you could opt to ask for a raise or for a less expensive health care option. 

If your company offers a 401k match, be sure to take advantage of it.

The match represents a 100 percent return on your contribution as soon as it is made.

In addition, that extra cash will compound over the life of the account, which helps to grow your retirement account in less time.

Sell Items Around the House

The internet makes it easy to sell products that you no longer want or need.

This is true whether the items are collectibles that sell for thousands or generic items that only go for a few dollars.

In some cases, selling items can help you clear space in your home, which can help to reduce stress and help you focus. You can list and sell on Craigslist for free.

Sell Services on a Freelance Basis

There are people in your community and throughout the world who may be willing to hire you on a freelance basis.

For instance, if you like to write, a business owner could pay you to write blog posts for a set fee per post.

If you are into website design or like to do research, there could be people or companies who need the service that you provide.

Working as a freelancer could be a great way to earn money to put in the bank while developing valuable connections in your chosen field.

Shop Around for the Best Rates

You aren’t required to keep your money in a bank for any specific length of time.

If you find a financial institution that offers a higher interest rate on savings accounts, open an account there right away.

It may also be a good idea to take a look at the fees that a broker may be charging you. 

Many brokers are reducing their commissions and management fees on most products.

Ideally, you will pay 1 percent of your balance or less in total commissions and fees. Remember, the amount that you pay to your broker compounds just like the money in your account does.

Therefore, reducing fees can save you thousands or dollars throughout your lifetime. 

You should strive to save at least 10 percent of each paycheck that you receive.

However, the ultimate goal is to save whatever you can each pay period.

Thanks to compound interest, putting away even a few dollars a week can significantly strengthen your financial position over the course of several years or decades.

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