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How to Get Involved in the Craigslist Community

If you aren’t part of the Craigslist community, you may be missing out on a wealth of opportunities as well as the chance to know more about the situations in your local community.

The opportunity to meet potential friends, the chance to debate critical issues or romantic partners, and the ability to buy or sell items.

Every month, Craigslist gets over four billion page views making it clear that the Craigslist community is a big one with many members and users around the world.

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This article will focus on just a few parts of the Craigslist community including searching jobs, meeting friends, purchasing or selling stuff safely on craigslist and discussing important matters.

Finding jobs on Craigslist

One of the most well known uses of Craigslist is to find a job.

These jobs can be permanent full-time jobs, temporary jobs, contract positions and even telecommute positions.

Those who are interested in finding a fresh & exciting career chance can look through Craigslist and find possible matches in a number of various categories and sections.

Use Search

In addition to browsing through the different categories included on Craigslist, job seekers can also use the search function to seek through all of the categories for jobs which may have been posted in categories the job seeker didn’t think of browsing.

Community members can also discover possible jobs by posting their resume through Craigslist.

There is an area dedicated to resumes in Craigslist and those who are interested in posting their resume can do so for any desired location.

One secret to putting a resume that will get attention is to include a descriptive headline for your resume.

For example an administrative assistant searching for work in the medical field might think of putting a headline that reads, “Administrative Assistant in Medical Field” as opposed to “My Resume”.

This is helpful because those who are browsing the resumes in look of an administrative assistant are more likely to click on the first resume than the second because the aforementioned headline is more descriptive.

Meeting Friends or Roomates on Craigslist

Craigslist can also give a good opportunity for networking. Whether individuals are looking to meet a platonic friend or a romantic partner or simply seeking a roommate on craigslist, there is a section on Craigslist for them to post an appropriate advertisement or view existing ads.

I have been successful in finding roommates via Craigslist.


Advertisements for roommates can be situated in the housing section of Craigslist while ads searching friends or romantic partner may be posted in the proper category of the personals area.

As with any putting on Craigslist, care should be taken to follow all guidelines and restrictions when putting in the personals section of the community.

Purchasing or Selling Items on Craigslist

People that are searching to buy or sell items may also turn to Craigslist for assistance.

Craigslist has a for sale section which is divided into sections such as bikes, furniture, musical instruments, computers, clothes, household items and even motorcycles and boats.

There is even a section for those who are donating items free of charge and those who are looking the opportunity to barter with others.

There is also a wanted section for those who are searching a particular item they can’t discover offered for sale elsewhere on Craigslist.

Use Caution and Common Sense

Care should be taken when purchasing any item online to ensure the item is in the condition reported in the advertisement.

Craigslist offers a page dealing with scams to provide users with useful information which can help to ensure their transactions operate smoothly.

Discuss the Issues on Craigslist

Members of the Craigslist community can also discuss pressing local and national issues with other community members.

There is a discussion forum with a number of diverse categories for users to exchange information or debate imperative matters.

When participating in these forums it is wise to follow the regulations set forth by Craigslist.

Rants and Raves

Additionally, there is a category in the personals sections called rants and raves for community members to sound off about matters which they feel are wrong.

This area is prohibited to community members over the age of 18 and all other visitors are cautioned that this area may contain offensive or otherwise objectionable material and should not be visited by those who are easily offended.

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