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How to Get Craigslist Buyers to Show Up

This article will teach you how to get Craigslist buyers to actually show up to buy your item. I know Craigslist gets a lot of negative discussion because people complain that people are flaky and don’t show up to buy something.

It can be very frustrating when that happens.

Get Craigslist Buyers to Show Up

Unfortunately, that just goes along with using a very popular, free website where you are dealing with local people.

Here are a few tips to help you make the sale on Craigslist.

Put on the Pressure

The main idea that you should come away with after reading this post is that you need to use the item description to put pressure on them. Put something in the description that makes them act quickly.

Say that you will sell it to the first person with cash. Say that you won’t hold the item and won’t hold it for someone to pick up in two or three days.

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A lot of buyers will call on a Tuesday to see if the item is still available, but then they will tell you they will meet on Friday to buy the item. Those are the flaky people that everyone hates. When people want to wait a few days before they buy, they almost always forget or find a different deal and buy somewhere else.

Make Them Act Fast

Don’t wait for those people and let them know in your description that you won’t wait. Put a phone number in your description and make them act fast.

If you put pressure on the person wanting to buy from you and make them think they will miss out on the deal if they wait too long, they will be a little more serious when they call you.

They will feel like they need to act fast to get the deal. They will figure out a way to buy it within a few hours.

The Groupon Effect

That is how coupon sites like Groupon became so popular. They give great offers and discounted deals, but if you don’t buy it within a short period of time, you will miss out on that deal.

The same philosophy can work with your Craigslist ads. Learn how to sell on Craigslist and put the pressure on the buyer to act quickly.

If they see a great deal on there and thinks that someone might get there first to buy it, they will actually show up to buy from you. Please share this info if it was helpful. Thanks!

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