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How Many People Need To Flag A Post On Craigslist Before It Is Removed?

Craigslist does not disclose the exact number of flags required for a post to be removed. The amount of flags will also vary depending on the ad itself and Craigslist’s community guidelines.

The flagging system on Craigslist is designed to rely on the judgement of the community and users rather than on a specific number of flags. When a certain number of users flag a post, it is brought to the attention of Craigslist’s moderators for review.

how many people to flag craigslist post before deleted

Mods Review Flagged Ads Before Removal

If the moderators find the flagged content to be in violation of Craigslist’s posting guidelines, they will take the appropriate action, which may include removing the post. If the ad doesn’t violate the guidelines, the ad will remain active on the site.

What If the Same User Flags My Post Multiple Times?

If one person is flagging your ad many times, then Craigslist might take action against the person flagging your ad. Craigslist knows and monitors IP addresses, by the way.

Why Would Someone Flag An Ad a Bunch of Times?

Your ad could draw the attention of someone with the same item they are trying to sell on Craigslist, so they want your ad gone. Or maybe they think you are a company selling products while trying to act as a regular seller from home. There are many reasons why a person would be an a**hole and start flagging ads. However, falsely flagging an ad that doesn’t violate guidelines many times from one account on the same IP address could get that user banned for misusing the flagging feature.

How To Prevent Your Craigslist Ads From Getting Flagged?

The best way to avoid getting your Craigslist ads flagged is to check out the Craigslist FAQs & guidelines for help and current policies. If you are filling out all of the proper fields and accurately describing your items with good pictures in your ad, then your ad should not get flagged for removal by anyone. Respect Craigslist’s etiquette & guidelines and you shouldn’t have to worry about your ads getting deleted.

Conclusion About How Many Flags Before a Craigslist Ad Is Removed

Hopefully my advice about flagged Craigslist ads is helpful and can give some context for reasons that your ad was removed.

how many flags before craigslist ad removed

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  1. It’s so frustrating when my ads get removed for seemingly no reason. I don’t break the rules. I don’t spam. But they still get deleted. I still wonder if it’s one person doing it.

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