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How Do I Sell Stuff?

If you are looking to make some extra cash, you may be wondering, how do I sell my stuff?

Listing some of your things online is easier than you might think. The two best websites to use are eBay and Craigslist.

By now, everybody knows about eBay and Craigslist.

eBay is the website where you can upload an item for sale online as an auction to see how much people are willing to pay for your item, or you can compare the prices of other auctions and put it as a set Buy It Now price.

When it sells, you ship the item. Craigslist is the website you use if you want to unload something for cash to a local buyer.

Pros and Cons

I have written a detailed informative post about selling on Craigslist vs. eBay. If you are already familiar with using those websites, check out that page for pros and cons between the two sites. Or learn some eBay facts!

However, I will give some quick tips in this post that you should think about when you are looking to put some of your stuff online.

First, look around your place. If you aren’t sure about what you want to get rid of, look around for some items that you haven’t used for awhile.

If you see some smaller, easy to box and ship items, check out eBay to see how much they are going for.

Maybe you are looking to pick up the new Wii U or Switch and won’t be needing your old Wii system anymore.

Put it on the Bay. Maybe you have a coffee maker or some small appliance that you have never used and has been sitting in a box for a year. Post it and ship it through eBay.

What are you Selling?

If you have some larger items, such as furniture, then CL might be the best website to use.

I will admit, Craigslist can be a frustrating place, but if your item is priced right and in great condition, you can find a buyer quickly. The best thing about Craigs list is that you hawk your stuff for cash to a local buyer.

If you post it on eBay, you will need to pay fees and don’t get the full amount that someone pays for it. And you don’t instantly get the money from eBay (or Paypal).

There are plenty of tools and websites online to use if you are looking for more tips to selling on CL or eBay, so I won’t get into all of the details here.

You need to take great photos of your product, use proper grammar and spelling, and price it competitively.

If you aren’t in a hurry for cash, there are other big websites like Bonanza and Etsy. It is free to post as many products as you want on Bonanza, however, you really need to promote yourself in order to make craigslist selling a thing.

You can’t just create a booth on Bonanza, load a bunch of things and expect them all to sell. They don’t get the traffic and exposure that eBay does.

However, if you have a lot of Twitter, Pinterest and/or Facebook followers, you can promote your Bonanza listings through social media to create sales.

Etsy is mostly for artists and people that make handmade items.

If you happen to be an artist that has a lot of creative unique projects laying around your place, you might want to consider listing some things on Etsy and see if there is a market for them.

Who knows? If your original paintings, handmade jewelry, or whatever you create starts selling, you could keep making them, painting them and you could build your own store on Etsy creating a consistent extra income.

You can also search all of craigslist with my free tool.

Why Not Try Facebook to Sell Stuff?

Also, if you are getting rid of things, promote it on Facebook Marketplace. Who knows?

Maybe a friend or acquaintance might want to buy your stuff. You could also go old school and have a yard or garage sale.

Find the things you don’t need and put them outside and deal with people in person. There seems to be different yard or garage sales in my neighborhood every weekend.

If they didn’t work anymore, I don’t think people would keep having yard sales. Just make sure that you promote your yard or garage sale on Craigslist.

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