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Gigaware Docking Speaker for iPod 40-303 Review

I am going to review a Gigaware iPod dock model 40-303 that I purchased from a Craigslist seller.

I normally give tips for selling items on Craigslist, but I am going to start doing reviews about items I have purchased from other CL sellers.


I will also give reviews about items I have used that may be available to sell on Craigslist for you to purchase (items that you can buy much cheaper through a site like craigslist vs. retail).

Gigaware Dock

gigaware ipod dock 40303

I really like this Gigaware iPod dock. I have been very happy with my purchase. It is small, portable, lightweight and looks good.

It is pretty obvious that the design was influenced by the Bose iPod docks and the sound is not a good as the Bose docks, but it sounds good if you have good quality songs loaded onto your iPod.

Good Sound in the 40-303 Speaker for iPods

It’s not going to blow the windows out of your place, but it sounds pretty good in a smaller space.

I believe the original retail price of the Gigaware 40-303 is $99, and I spent $25 for it using Craigslist.

I’m not completly sure which iPods it is compatible with since I have only used it with the Nanos, but that info should be available online.

Compatibility for iPods

I currently use a 5th generation iPod Nano with the dock and it works perfectly fine. It should work with most generations of the unlocked iPod Touch, too (1st generation – 4th generation).

gigaware ipod dock

BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking for an iPod dock but don’t want to spend $300 for the Bose, check out the Gigaware brand for alternative iPod docks.

It charges the iPod, it looks like the Bose docks, and it sounds great. Basically, the Gigaware 40-303 iPod dock is the poor man’s Bose.

You could even stencil the Bose logo onto the front of the Gigaware and no one will know the difference.

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