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Funny Craigslist Ads

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Since there are thousands and thousands of items posted on Craigslist every day, I decided to try and find some odd and interesting things posted for sale on the website.

I browsed through a lot of ads in a few different cities.

Most of the ads I saw were normal, but some of the ads I came across were funny to me (mostly in the baby & kids category).

I have edited out any contact info on the ads and added my commentary under each post. Here they are…

pac n play

This portable Pac N Play crib looks more like a body bag. It also comes with extra sheets, just in case you make a huge, bloody mess.

training toilet photo

“TRAINING TOILET WAS USED ONCE ONLY.”   In other words, “this training toilet was used many times every day until my child learned how to use a real toilet.” Notice how the photo of the toilet avoids showing the bottom of it? I’m sure it is spotless.

breast pump photo

Just like used toilets, if I was ever in the market for a breast pump, Craigslist would definitely be the first place I would check. I like how it “has only been used twice”. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the only used breast pump listed in this city.

kids desk pic

Now this just looks scary. The light on that desk looks like it is coming straight from Hell… “just has some crayon marks on it.”  Yeah, thanks a lot, Damien.  “Can not deliver” because the owner is Satan himself.

trampoline pic

Looks totally safe. Just needs one major piece and a couple of minor parts.

I will look out for more funny and/or strange Craigslist selling ads and post them here. Check back for updates!

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