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Including Photos on Craigslist

You should always include at least one photo of every item you post on Craigslist. Many people searching or browsing Craigslist will not even click links that don’t have a photo, so it is always best to include at least one.

You can add up to 24 photos in your Craigslist ad, but it is not necessary to add that many. Include as many photos as you need to give a clear idea of the item’s appearance and condition.

Use Clear Photos

Professional, high-quality pictures are not necessary, but you should make sure the picture(s) is nice and clear.

Just use your phone’s camera. That is going to be the easiest way. But make sure the pictures are not blurry.

You can also use any digital camera that will easily upload photos to your computer.

Editing Your Pics

Use any simple picture editing software for cropping and simple color correction if needed. There are many programs online that you can download or use for free online that will work just fine – you can search “free photo editing software” if you do not already have software for this purpose. I recommend Photopea since it is free to use and works similarly to Photoshop. You could also try Canva.

But honestly, if you are using your phone to take pics of your stuff, that should be good enough to do simple cropping and the images should be high-quality enough for buyers.

Include a Picture of the Actual Item You Are Selling

Also, it is good to add a picture of any accessories you are selling with the item, if applicable.

If your item is used, be sure to include photos that show the extent of any wear or damage (such as scratches on a piece of furniture).

It is good etiquette to be completely honest about the condition of the items you are selling – don’t waste a potential buyer’s time by withholding any details about the condition or by attempting to cover up any blemishes.

Buyers Don’t Expect Brand New Condition

Many people who shop on Craigslist are looking for a good deal and are not expecting used items to appear brand new, but a potential buyer looking for something in excellent condition should not be misled by anything in your ad, including “trick” photography.

Here are some examples of what to do and what not to do with your Craigslist pictures.

DO include a nice clear picture of your item…

canon sx110is camera

DO NOT include a blurry picture of your item…


DO NOT take a picture of your item with other objects or clutter…


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