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Craigslist Jim CEO Award Scam

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I have posted about this scam before, but now it is back. The ol’ Jim Buckmaster CEO of scam.

This email will most likely show up in your spam folder if you post an item for sale on Craigslist. And it will look like this:

Lets Begin

Hello there, my name is Jim, Ceo of Craigslist. We fairly recently joined up with Apple inc about a once only marketing event today, we’ve been giving out totally free MacBook Air to randomly selected individuals who had posted an advertisement that use

You’ve been picked as one of our most current winners for this week, for the ad you posted “Yamaha FG-400A Acoustic 6-String Guitar”. Our company randomly choose digits to match up with classified ads on C-list and your advertisement matched up using our latest drawing.

Sorry if you missed out on our last Drawing, but here is your chance once again.

We have now joined with Apple mackintosh to push their hippest gadget yet, the Apple MacBook Air. Yet again, we are going to be running this event for one day only. All you have to do is Visit This to visit our website manufactured for this campaign and submit your email address in order to get yours for free. Make absolutely certain you enter your e mail therefore we can find our records to be certain that we’ve reserved one just for you. That’s it!

Keep the Scam Coming

Good job on winning a free Apple MacBook Air (valued at $1,589.00). In case you have any question or questions, at any time mail me back. Regardless, make sure you claim your completely free MacBook Air first to make sure one shall be set-aside for you personally prior to the timeline comes to an end.

We all do recognise that chances are you may maybe not acquire this e mail till after the deadline, though, we recommend you go to the site and submit your email address to find out if we have yours on hand, which we frequently do because others have not claimed theirs soon enough.



If you get that email, it should be pretty obvious that it is a scam. I received two of those emails from these email addresses… and

If this was a legitimate Craigslist contest, don’t you think the email would come from someone

Review Spelling and Grammar

Also, the capitalization, spelling and punctuation throughout the email is so bad that it would be hard to believe that it is real.

In conclusion, Apple and Craigslist are not working together to give you a free laptop. It is a scam. Don’t click their link and don’t give them your email address. Just delete it and move on to your real emails from potential CL buyers.

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