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Craigslist History


Craigslist is historically known to have kept a minimal web design since it began in the mid-1990s.

Everyone who knows the website will recognize the simple white background and blue text links to navigate the website.

They have done some changes through the years with the homepage,

Are you curious to know how the homepage has changed over the years?

Craigslist History Screenshots

Here is how the homepage has changed over time. Craigslist history:

1998 | 2000 | 2002 | 2004 | 2006 | 2008 | 2010 | 2012 | 2014 | 2016


Craigslist 1998
Originally called List Foundation.


Craigslist 2000


This is when the site started to look familiar to the current version, but they still had the homepage targeted to the San Francisco Bay area.

Craigslist 2002


Craigslist 2004


At this point in 2006, there was still a focus on the San Francisco Bay area for the homepage. Then you would have to use the links on the right to find your area. This is kind of why I offer this page about searching all of Craigslist to help with unnecessary clicking and finding your area.

Also, notice the personals section, which was eventually removed from the homepage. Categories included:

  • strictly platonic
  • women seek women
  • women seek men
  • men seeking women
  • men seeking men
  • misc romance
  • casual encounters
  • missed connections
  • rants and raves
Craigslist 2006


Here in 2008, there is a shift to link to all countries, states, and major cities from the homepage. This was probably done to help get each subdomain of the target area crawled and indexed by search engines.

That might have helped to show up in Google search for searches like: craigslist texas and florida’s craigslist.

Craigslist 2008


Craigslist 2010


Craigslist 2012


Craigslist 2014


The homepage was pretty close to the 2014 version here.

Craigslist 2016

More Craigslist History to Come, Check Back for More Updates and Screenshots!

Thanks for checking out the history of Craigslist.

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  1. Wait, so rants and raves is gone? that was such a cool part of craigslist! i maybe vented a bit there lol!

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