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Funny Craigslist Gigs

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My website is mostly about selling on Craigslist, but I have recently been browsing other areas of the website. I have recently started browsing through the gigs section, and some of the posts are hilarious.

Let’s check out the photography section, which seems to be full of photography perverts. Here are a few examples that I can’t believe were on CL. I actually laughed out loud when I saw these ads.

1. Butt model

Female butt model needed for a visual study of body parts. Amateur photographer looking to spice up private portfolio. Nonpros and amateurs welcome. Please send pics and description to be considered.

craigslist model

At least this guy is honest and upfront about what he wants to do. He wants to take photos of women’s butts. And, of course, they are for his “private” portfolio. He is only practicing and honing his photography skills, so it is not creepy at all. After all, he is an artist looking for a visual study of body parts.

I am sure after he has a collection of women’s butts, his next visual study of body parts will be male athlete’s biceps. Or women’s boobs.


2. Female model wanted for erotic modeling and lingerie line

If interested please send a resume and several images to all models will be hired as independent contractors at $500-$1000 a shoot

craigslist lingerie model

This photographer uses Gmail, so he is totally legit. And it is for a lingerie line (not a private photog), so I am sure the ladies will flood his email box with their resumes. AND SEVERAL IMAGES.

This guy isn’t just looking to take pictures of girls in their underwear, he also wants several images upfront before he even meets the women. Once he already has several images of the girls in their underwear, all he has to do is save the pics and respond to the girls letting them know they aren’t qualified for the shoot. Creepy.

Last Ad:

3. Females Wanted for Modeling

I am an upcoming photographer looking for females or models to photograph. I am interested in shooting clothed, lingerie and nude in that order. For those who never done this before no previous experience is needed. I am located in Chicago with easy access by car or public transportation but if you have a location you would like to shoot at, I would be up for that as well. If interested please send a recent full body picture of yourself or link to Facebook.

craigslist modeling

Here is a post from an “upcoming photographer” in the Chicago area. (This guy is going to be a huge name soon! Take off your clothes, ladies!) He also has his priorities straight. First, he is only looking for female models.

Then, he is only wanting you to pose fully clothed, then in lingerie, then nude. He’s not looking to just get you naked and take pictures of you nude, he is a true artist and wants fully clothed shots first. Then you must get naked. A true professional.

His location is easily accessible or he will even come to your location to take pictures, which does not seem desperate at all.

Creepy 101

Unfortunately, it’s things like this that give Craigslist a bad name. Creepy guys “hiring” models to pose for shoots. If you read those ads, it is very obvious what these guys are doing. I just hope that girls aren’t stupid enough to fall for them.

Also, check out getting a person at 800 USPS on the phone.

Not all gigs are weird like these and you can actually find legit posts to make some extra cash. But I thought these were funny to list here.


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