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Creating a Craigslist Account

If you plan on listing multiple items for sale on Craigslist, it is definitely beneficial to open an account. The process is very simple and completely free, and it makes it much easier to manage, edit and delete your ads.

Opening a Craigslist account allows you to keep an inventory of all ads you have listed, as well as the status of each listing. I highly recommend joining Craigslist to make selling easier and manage your listings. Here is my guide about how to join Craigslist.

Once you start posting things to sell, your account screen will look like the image below from the Craigslist website. Each color represents the current status of the ad as follows.


Green = The ad is live on Craigslist

Blue = The ad has been deleted by the user

Purple = The ad has expired

Pink = The ad has been flagged and deleted by other users

craigslist account

If you choose to post an ad without creating an account, more steps are involved. After posting, you will receive an email from Craigslist that contains a hyperlink to a confirmation page.

You will then need to follow this link before your ad can be published to the website. You will also need to keep this email if you need to edit or delete the ad.

Posting Multiple Items

If you are planning to post multiple items and don’t want to create an account, you may wind up with a lot of emails from Craigslist and it will not be as easy to keep track of the ads you list.

After you fill in the fields in the example below and click the “Continue” button, you will see a preview of your ad. If you are satisfied, click “Continue” and follow the instructions.

You will then receive an email from Craigslist to publish your ad to the website.

craigslist window

Create Craigs list Account

Finally, when you click the “Add / Edit Images” button, you will be given the option to add photos to the ad, which is highly recommended.

craigslist images

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  1. I’m James H Wilson I like Craigslist, but this is the biggest pain to list ads, especially cars, trucks, parts, etc; I have an ad on Craigslist Atlanta cars and trucks For Sale by Owner. It took an hour to get it posted and edited to my satisfaction. I turn around and tried to enter another ad for another car, and I have typed this ad 5 times all correctly, no edits, once I click continue at the end of the post it does not take me to the Publish prompt or add images prompt. I am a hobbies, collector, Not a Car Dealer. But I have a life long collection of things that I want to sell. I thought this might be a good outlet for me, since I’ve bought over 5,000 Items off of Craigslist. What is the Issue with Posting on Craigslist. I am So Frustrated about redoing anything. I am looking for a simple way of selling my stuff online. Read my Post.

  2. I have an account, but haven’t used it in a long time. I am unable to access it. Do I need to open a new account?

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