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Businesses Selling on Craigslist

Ever since Craigslist began, it has been a free website for regular people to use so they can sell items to other people locally. And as far as I can remember, the “for sale” section has been very anti-business.

I am not 100% sure, but I think the mentality behind “businesses should not be able to sell on Craigslist” comes from the idea that if you have a business, you can afford to use other websites and pay to advertise your products.

No Businesses on Craigslist

Unfortunately for those anti-business people, Craigslist is FREE. What business wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to use the traffic they can generate and post some items for sale?

And from what I can remember over the years, the beginning of businesses posting and selling on Craigslist may have started in the tickets section.

Ticket brokers have been posting ads in the tickets section of Craigslist for years with links to their websites using popular and upcoming concerts & sporting events as keyword bait in the searches.

When you find the ad on Craigslist, you assume it is someone that might be stuck with tickets to an event they can’t attend and you might be able to make a low-ball offer and get the tickets for super cheap.

Then you find out it is actually a ticket broker.

Craigslist Actually Likes Businesses

So, for better or for worse, Craigslist has embraced the fact that businesses want to and will post ads on their site, so they added “dealer” options for each section in the for sale area. It started with tickets and a few other sections.

Now the dealer option has expanded and it is available in every section of Craigslist. You can post as “owner” or “dealer” and you can search by owner or dealer.

craigslist dealer

I think it is a great idea for CL to split the businesses from the private sellers. It helps both the buyer and seller.If you are a first time user to Craigslist and see an item you really want, you might be a little reluctant to meet a stranger with cash in your pocket to make a purchase.

However, if that first time buyer sees that it is a legitimate business selling the item they want (such as tickets), it automatically builds trust because that person will go to a legitimate storefront, they might be able to get a warranty or guarantee with the item, they aren’t going to a stranger’s house, etc.

It is also great for businesses because it is a way to list items for sale online for free with potential for a lot of traffic.

So, if you own or run a business that sells products, Craigslist (actually, the typical Craigslist flagger) is not banning you from posting items anymore.

Just be sure to click the category with “dealer” and post your item. You can even include a picture of your store and address to build instant trust for potential local buyers.

If you can offer a great deal to someone, they might also become a repeat buyer in your store (or buy a lot of tickets from you).

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