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Best Craigslist Buyers

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I know that it can sometimes be frustrating trying to sell on Craigslist because buyers can be slow to respond, flaky and forgetful.

However, over time, I have figured out the best Craigslist buyers.

Simply put, the best Craigslist buyers to deal with are people that are ready to buy the same day they contact you with cash in hand.

Good Buyers Call

The good Craigslist buyers are the people that call (not email) and ask if they can come see the item now.

The craigslist buyers that want to plan a time in the future to come see the item are usually the flaky and forgetful buyers that frustrate so many sellers.

If you give a craigslist buyer some time to think, there is a good chance they may change their mind or forget about you.

Craigslist Buyers Are Like Kids

This may sound mean, but you should treat your potential craigslist buyers as if they are 4-year-old kids.

If you take a 4-year-old through the toy aisle at the store, he or she might see a toy they really, really want.

If you say, “Ok”, and walk around the store a little more, the kid might forget about the toy.

If you don’t revisit the toy aisle and go home, there is a good chance the kid will completely forget about the toy he or she wanted.

The same rule applies to CL buyers. For example, lets say you are selling a car.

A craigslist buyer sees your car for sale and they really, really want it. They call you and tell you they want it.

Watch Out for People that want to Think about a Purchase

However, if they tell you they will come and check it out in a few days, there is a good chance the buyer will forget, ignore you and not show up to see the car.

Here is why:

During those few days before your meeting, this buyer is most likely still browsing CL at hundreds of other cars that are being posted every day looking for a better deal.

If they find another car they want, you won’t be making a sale.

And they most likely won’t call you to say they aren’t coming. You just won’t hear from them again.

That is why it is best to deal with buyers that are ready to buy the same day they contact you.

It gives them less time to talk themselves out of the purchase, and it gives them less time to browse new items being posted on CL looking for a better deal.

I hope these CL selling tips helped. If they did, please share this post!

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