Someone in Germany is Selling Greek Assets on Craigslist

Turns out, you can buy Greek assets on Craigslist from Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. Well, not really, but this ad is pretty funny.

greek assets craigslist

The text in the ad is:

For sale are some recently acquired Greek Assets for sale:Acropolis €4B OBO
Greek Parliament Building + Syntagma Square €8.5B OBO
Greek Island Aegina €10B OBO
Greek Island Mykonos €13B OBO
Athens International Airport €7B OBOIf interested, please contact:
Angela Merkel: : +49 (0)30 – 220 70-0
Wolfgang Schäuble: +49 (0) 30 18 682-0Serious buyers only please.

  • KEINEN Kontakt zur Übermittlung von Diensten oder Angeboten

Greece Debt Crisis and Germany’s Bailout

The craigslist ad is inspired by the recent Greek bank crisis.

According to the BBC:

The German parliament has voted in favour of starting negotiations on Greece’s €86bn (£60bn) bailout deal.

The motion passed with a clear majority, with 439 MPs in favour, 119 votes against and 40 abstentions.

Check out this link for the full story about the crisis.

And personally, I think it would be cool to own the Acropolis of Athens. Too bad I don’t live in the area. I would totally make an offer.

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