New Craigslist Email Option in Ads

Craigslist has recently updated their anonymous email option and made it a clickable button that links to common providers. A lot of sellers don’t like including their phone number in a CL ad, so they rely on the anonymous address option that CL offers. Now, they have made it much easier to respond to those ads.

craigslist reply

Before, Craigs just listed a random email address for buyers to contact. You would have to copy & paste the address in a new message and send it to the seller. Surprisingly, I know some people that could never figure out how to contact a seller. They didn’t know how to copy the anonymous address. Now, Craigs does it for you.

Reply to Sender

All you do is click the “Reply to this post” button and click the provider you use. Log in to your account and CL fills in the information for you. All you need to do is type your question or whatever you want to know about the item into the body and click send.

craigslist email

Easy Contact

Besides making it much easier to contact CL sellers, this feature has also cut down on the contact I get from Nigerian scammers. Since they use automated software that responds to ads, their software would just pull the anonymous address from the ad and send generic messages trying to scam people out of their stuff.

Now, a human actually has to click and respond to the ad. I still get Nigerian scammers contacting me, but the amount of them has been cut in half. Thanks.


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