McJordan Barbecue Sauce Sells for $9,995

Whoever sold the 20 year old gallon of McDonald’s McJordan barbeque sauce for just under $10,000 is awesome. Why would anyone keep such a perishable food item for so long? What was he thinking 15 years ago when he saw that long-expired gallon of barbecue sauce sitting on his shelf, when it was only 5 years old at the time? Surely, he thought, “I’d better hang on to this for another 15 years and try to sell it for a lot of money on this new thing called the internet”.

I understand, it was a sealed container, but still. If I keep a 2 liter plastic thing of milk in my fridge too long, it starts to expand and threaten to explode on the beer, water and condiments I keep in my fridge (sometimes there is food, such as cheese slices and bread). That sauce must have been filled with so many chemicals and preservatives, it’s unbelievable that it lasted so long.

mcjordan ebay listing

This is the official eBay description:

Extremely Rare McJ Barbeque Sauce from McDonald’s
A once in a lifetime chance to own the rarest of rare Michael and McDonald’s collectible!

The only one left on Earth??  This gallon of McJordan BBQ sauce is from 1992 when McDonald’s sold McJordan Burgers as a promotional menu item.

The McJ is a quarter-pound hamburger with smoked bacon, cheese, barbeque sauce, onions, mustard and pickles.  All of Michael’s “favorite ingredients”.  The burger was sold only in limited markets in the United States.

Michael Jordan was the first person to have a McDonald’s sandwich as a namesake.  He appeared in television spots to promote the burger.

It is in new condition and has never been opened.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own this incredibly rare piece of memorabilia!

Well, someone bought that gallon of 20 year old BBQ sauce for $9,995.

They included free shipping in the eBay ad, but shipping that thing probably cost the seller at least $15 – $20. What a nice guy to cover those costs and pass the savings on to the buyer. I wonder how much he would have gotten if he tried to sell it on Craigslist. Probably nowhere near $10,000.

Below is an excerpt from the Chicago Tribune. Full article here: Tribune Article

Mort Bank of Bismarck, N.D., a former McDonald’s owner/operator, had the sauce in his basement for 20 years before deciding to list it for sale, as he does with other McDonald’s memorabilia. He said he was inspired by a 3-year-old McNugget resembling George Washington that sold earlier this year for more than $8,000.”

I’m friends with other McDonald’s owner/operators, and they just laugh when they find out I saved 1 gallon,” Bank said. “They either ran out of the sauce or threw it away. So there wouldn’t really be any reason for a person to save it. It had an expiration date on it anyway, which was December of 1992, so it would’ve expired.”

Bank would not identify the buyer other than to say it’s someone from Chicago, and it’s not MJ.

Who Bought It?

I wonder if the producers of Fear Factor purchased the bottle to use in a future episode. Drinking a cup of 20 year old McJordan barbecue sauce sounds much worse than eating cockroaches or other bugs or testicles.

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Here is a Michael Jordan McDonald’s Big Mac sandwich commercial, which I remember seeing when I was a kid. Oddly enough, the kids in the video can’t figure out if it is really Michael Jordan until he creepily sneaks up behind the children, sits down with them and starts a conversation. Stranger danger alert…


Finding an unused bottle of McJordan BBQ sauce is about as rare as finding a pregnant virgin.

pregnant virgin
From the Price is Right. This episode featured contestants that were pregnant. Ironically, this woman’s name was Virgin.


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