How to Switch Back to Yahoo! Mail Classic


If you are trying to switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic, I will show you how to do it in this post. I have always liked the simplicity of the classic format, but one day I accidentally upgraded to the newer version. I wanted to like the newer upgrade because it is faster and it updates in real time, like Gmail. However, it was really hard for me to get used to using the new style. I didn’t like the tabs and a few other features.

Yahoo’s Help

So, I searched through Yahoo’s help sections and found out that there is no way to change it to the old setup. It used to be easy. You would just go into your settings and you could easily revert to the old version. Now those simple options are gone. However, there is still a way to get the older settings. Just follow the steps below.

For this tutorial, I am using Firefox (on a Mac).

First, open Firefox and log in to your account.

yahoo mail beta

Go to the top left of your screen, click Firefox, then click Preferences.

This will open a window with options for you to click. Click the Content tab.

While you are in the Content tab, uncheck the Enable JavaScript box. Now, go to Click Mail. You will then see a screen similar to this…

yahoo need javascript enabled

Click the Return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail link. When you click that link, it will change.. After it changes to the old way, BE SURE YOU REMEMBER TO GO BACK AND CLICK FIREFOX ON THE TOP LEFT OF YOUR SCREEN… PREFERENCESCONTENT… and make sure you check the Enable JavaScript box again.

You will now be able to use your account the way you remember. This tutorial was for Firefox, however, the process is similar in other browsers.

yahoo mail classic

If you are using Google Chrome, click Chrome on the top left of your screen, find Preferences and then click Settings. It should open a new tab with browser options. Click the link that says “show advanced settings” at the bottom. This will open more options. Scroll down to Privacy.

Click the Content settings… button under Privacy. Under JavaScript, click the “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript” button. Again, remember to go back to those options and enable your JavaScript after you revert to the old way.

I’m not sure about the exact process to do this in Internet Explorer or Safari, but they should be similar.

Yahoo! has killed these steps with the new update.

Quick steps:

1. Log in to your Y! account.

2. Find browser preferences/settings and disable browser JavaScript.

3. Refresh Y! account.

4. Return to previous version.

5. Refresh Y! account.

6. Go back to browser preferences/settings and enable browser JavaScript.

7. Enjoy your old settings again!

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6 thoughts on “How to Switch Back to Yahoo! Mail Classic

  1. Thanks for your top! I have slow Internet services and the new Yahoo mail freezes when it first load.

  2. Thank you! I saw that there’s another way too if you switch back to an old version of Internet Explorer, then log in, you can switch to the classic yahoo mail like that too.

  3. wow, i hated the new yahoo email. i’ve been trying for 2 days trying to switch to the older classic version. thank

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