How to Actually Get a Human at 1-800-ASK-USPS


This post will teach you how to get a person and human being on the phone when you call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

Surprisingly, it is actually quite easy to talk to a human on the phone when you call the USPS 1800 number.

I recently shipped an item through the United States Postal Service and the package was lost. But I had the tracking information, which was not working.

To make a long story short, I could not get a real person on the phone to help me with the situation. All I heard were repeated automated messages, which were not helpful.

Then, I decided to try a few things to get a human on the phone since I had already wasted an hour using the automated system.

UPDATE 8/22/2017

Getting a USPS human now seems to be a bit easier than past methods.

Here’s what I did today and tested a few times and it worked, although it told me all agents were busy.

  1. Call the phone number.
  2. Enter your zip code and confirm.
  3. Say no to the privacy policy prompt.
  4. Wait a few seconds until the voice starts giving options.
  5. Say “carrier”.

That’s it! You will probably have to wait on hold for some time or request a call-back, but this is currently what seems to be working.

FYI, the info below does not seem to be working anymore. But I keep it here as archived information.

Thank you everyone for visiting this page to try and get a human on the phone at USPS. Today I tested my other methods listed further below, and they didn’t seem to work anymore.

It seems like they are constantly updating their system to make it more automated and make it more difficult to get a person on the phone.

So I tried another method. Sort of a brute-force attack on their system.

I tried it a few times and it worked each time. The automated voice did say all reps were busy, but that’s better than the crappy looping system they have.

Here’s what I did. Blast the automated system with zeros!


I called the number. And after the Spanish prompt, I hit it with zeros.



  1. Call the phone number.
  2. After the Spanish prompt, hit zero about ten times in a row, very quickly. Like this: 0000000000
  3. Listen to the automated voice. It will skip and get cut off because of all the requests you made.
  4. If it asks you to do an action after it finishes, hit zero about 15 times in a row, very quickly, like: 000000000000000
  5. Listen to the automated voice again. It will skip even more because of the amount of requests.
  6. If it asks you to do an action after it finishes, quickly hit zero about 20 times in a row, like: 00000000000000000000
  7. Then it should hopefully send you to the part that can connect you with a person, or at least schedule a call-back.

I hope this helps! The call-back message seems to usually say ‘about 40 minutes’, but it only takes a couple of minutes to do the steps above to get there.

And thank you for commenting and keeping me updated when these strategies stop working. It seems like it changes a few times a year, and I try to keep everyone updated on this page.

UPDATE 7/6/2016: Based on a couple recent comments, looks like the USPS might have changed the phone system. I will try to figure out a new way to get a human and update this page.

This is what worked in the past:

First, dial 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) during their normal business hours.

M-F 8:00am-8:30pm ET | Sat – 8:00am-6:00pm ET | Sunday/Holidays – Closed

get human usps photo

UPDATE 3/09/2015: Thank you Chris and ace for your comments! I guess the US Postal Service has changed their automated system and my older method described further below no longer works.

Here is what seemed to be working.

  1. Call the phone number. After the Spanish prompt, press 0.
  2. Let the voice go through all the options. Press 6.
  3. Let the voice go through the next set of options. Press 4.
  4. Then it will talk about a policy. Press 2 to skip hearing it.
  5. You should then be in line to talk to someone.

Then Wait, Wait, Wait…

It may take awhile for someone to answer. That is on them, so please don’t be upset with me if it takes 10+ minutes to talk to someone or you get disconnected or something weird.

I am just trying to help you bypass all the automated crap to get a human on the phone. And be sure to have your tracking number available when someone does pick up.

Thanks and keep me informed in the comments if I should add or edit any steps listed above.

The info below is old information and will not help you reach a human when calling the US Postal Service. I am only keeping it here because this post seems to be found a lot through Google and I don’t want to mess that up.

After you dial the 1-800 number, the recording will thank you and then ask if you want Spanish (para Espanol). Do not speak and do not push any buttons.  It will then say “Main Menu”. At this time, push 0 (zero).

Then the recording will say, “You’ve asked for customer service”.  Do not speak and do not push any buttons yet.  Wait until the recording says, “You can say”.  At this time, push the 0 (zero) button on your phone. Do not speak into the phone.

You will then get another message saying, “Would you like to hear the USPS privacy statement”.  Push 0 (zero) again. Do not speak into the phone.

Then you will be connected to a real live person!

United States Postal Service Customer Service Phone Number

You might get a message telling you that all of the customer service representatives are busy, but it is better to wait for a real person than to go through their automated system. Trust me!

Here are the steps simplified. ** Remember, do not speak into the phone and 0 (zero) is the only button you need to push! **

1. Dial 1-800-ASK-USPS (1800-275-8777)

2. When you hear “Main Menu”, push 0 (zero)

3. When you hear “You can say”, push 0 (zero)

4. After you hear “Would you like to hear the USPS privacy statement”, push 0 (zero)

5. Talk to a real person!

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140 thoughts on “How to Actually Get a Human at 1-800-ASK-USPS

  1. They have you on hold for 1hr and 50 minutes every time.. I hate USPS.. their workers are thieves and incompetent…..

  2. USPS has the worst customer service I ever experienced. Terrible phone call system and long waiting time. I did not receive my package but it showed “delivered” on USPS website. I filed the case on the website and called them one week ago and they just asked me to wait for their people contact me. Now, one week passed, nobody helped me and I still cannot find my package. Will never use USPS if it’s possible.

  3. I am holding for 1 hr and 35 min initially supposed to be 40 to 50 min now they will be closing at 8:30 and I will guarantee no one will answer my call! I am ready to have a breakdown what kind of a system do they have here???????????????????

  4. non human told me to wait about 2.5 -3 hours. People are not free like those customer support people. You should value customers time. They have some loop in their system which you would never get the human to answer the phone. This is ridiculous.

  5. After the automated voice couldn’t understand me saying my tracking number about six times it finally transferred me to a human. My god.

  6. I finally was directed to an operator by saying “carrier”, but i have been on hold for 60 minutes now and there seems to be no end

  7. None of these worked for me. The only way I got to a person was calling the local post office directly. If necessary they can arrange a call back.

  8. I was waiting for 1 hour and 30 min on the phone, finally got hold of someone, she told me she can’t help me. I was so pissed. Their service and system are horrible. This time I finally get to somewhere they can call me back without waiting on the phone. What I did is
    1. Press 0 after Spanish voice
    2. When voice started, press 6
    3. Then press 4 (seems not working for me so I did one more step)
    4. Press 2
    Finally let me enter my phone number to call me back. I am still waiting for call back but better than wait over one hour on the phone

  9. 10/19/17

    Said “Carrier” as they started going through the selections and they asked for my tracking number, I gave it, and am now waiting AN HOUR AND 50 MINUTES to speak to a live person. Seriously. That’s how long they said the wait would be. Wtf.

  10. This is what worked for me: After pressing key following initial language prompt, don’t select any other keys, just stay on the line through all of the automated voice recording and it will get you to a customer service agent. But there will be quite a wait

  11. after getting frustrated with the answering machine, i googled for this page.
    tried saying “carrier” after confirming my zip code. now waiting for 30minutes to speak to an agent

  12. What has been working for me (I work in CS) is…. *zipcode* (miscallaneous no’s) Package, Tracking, (listen,) SPEAK TO AGENT (x2), press 0, SPEAK TO AGENT (x2), press 0. Eventually it gives up. BUT NEVER AGREE To tracking additional packages and don’t say no. It hangs up on you if you do.

  13. As of 8/5/17 it’s fairly easy to get into the queue it doesn’t allow you to schedule a call back: I have to wait on hold with the WORST hold music in history. It sounds like a cassette tape from 1980 that’s been re-recorded 200 times.

    When I got into the queue it told me my hold time would be between one hour and 15 minutes, and one and a half hours. Still waiting.

  14. Today i was able to get thru by saying carrier but that was after putting in a bunch of zeros.

  15. It WORKED!!! Do the “000000000” then “000000000000000” then “0000000000000000000000000” and you will FINALLY be connected to another recording that allows you to get a call back, usually 45 mins. It sucks but it works.

  16. This post was about as helpful as ah refrigerator at the North Pole. After saying “agent” it went right back into the “please listen to our menu options.” The best answer, shut down the USPS and let a private company do our courier servicing.

  17. Absolutely hate USPS now. My package from eBay was supposed to be delivered 2-3 days ago (depending to email from eBay or USPS site). It stayed in the city which is only 20min from house for 6 days! and finally when it got to my city and was out for delivery they canceled it because of “hazardous weather” when everybody is driving here just fine even when it was snowing here. I even saw UPS driving by my house (not sure but Fedex too I think), why can’t USPS deliver then. Now tracking on their website show “No Access” under status… with “employee did not have access to the delivery location”

    I’ve been trying to call them for a few days by now, and finally!!! I’m getting someone to talk with (been waiting so far for 21min).

    Zeros didn’t work for me, Jay’s comment from above did, almost, when I said “customer support” did work but “customer service” did

  18. i pressed a bunch of zeros and kept saying agent but that didnt work, when i finally said customer service it worked and im on hold now 01/14/2017

  19. I don’t recall it ever being this difficult. The zero thing did not work, basically what “Jake” had said did work, albeit on the second try as the first time it said it was connecting me to an agent then the system bumped me back to the main menu.
    1. Track a package
    2. type your tracking number
    3. when it asks if you want to track another package
    I said “agent” and it finally tells me to wait 30-40 mins. I fought with the system for 20 minutes. Why is the wait so long if it is so hard to speak with someone? Is there that many people who all do this t get through these days?

  20. the “00000000000000” trick works but there is no algorithm to it, you just have to randomly punch “0” a bunch during any prompt the machine gives you. Eventually she gives you a long unheard of response about how she can’t understand you and “would you like to speak to an agent”. Say yes. This is after 5min of trying btw. This was tested on 1/07/2017

  21. 20 zeroes is the only way I was able to get into the hold queue. Absolutely fucking ridiculous.

  22. I went through the same thing as all of you did. Gosh I never got this angry over an answer machine before. The lady frustrated me to no end. I did tried the zero thing, but it didn’t work for me. I swear they programmed her to be stubborn as hell. After many tries, this was what worked for me. I chose tracking as the option. When she asked my tracking number, I told her the number. Somehow she never got the number right. I don’t know why, but this actually turned out to be my saving grace. I believed after two or three times, she gave up and FINALLY, transfer me to the customer service rep. She will ask you to choose from waiting on the phone or letting them call you back. I chose wait, and I ended waiting for 17 to 20 minutes. So guys, try to tell her the wrong tracking number so she will be confused and transfer you to a rep. I hope this will be helpful to anyone who is trying to get in touch with a real person as it did work for me. Good luck!

  23. As of 12/27/16
    After 30 minutes of trying everyone’s suggestions this is what worked:

    To get to a representative, go through the prompts of tracking a package. Once it asks if you want to track another package, start pressing zero slowly in succession waiting for the automated system to respond in between each. It took me pressing zero 3 times till it put me in queue for a rep! Then it told me I have a 16 minute wait.

  24. The 0000000000000 (zero) thing and saying “agent” a ton of times actually worked. I am on hold now, it’s been about 30 minutes so far. Don’t give up folks



  26. I cannot believe that I had to look online to find out how to get to a rep! The hell with the postal service. I was defending them but the hell with it if they are gonna do stupid shit like this!
    I tried hitting ‘0’ over and over, which didn’t work so I had to come online and search. I hate automated systems that just hang up on you because you don’t choose any options. This is the first automated system I have seen with a “hidden” option.

  27. To get to a representative, go through the prompts of tracking a package. Once it asks if you want to track another package, start pressing zero slowly in succession waiting for the automated system to respond in between each. It took me pressing zero 3 times till it put me in queue for a rep!

  28. So the endless amount of 0s didn’t work and I got super frustrated with the machine when it asked was there anything it could do for me I sarcastically said I would like to talk to a human and it actually worked and directed me to an agent after a few prompts. Although it took a long time to get connected to an agent.

  29. After I called it said “Does your tracking number end in…” then I pressed 0. It immediately connected me to an operator (call back list). Thanks for the tips though!

  30. I just tried calling the number and after the spanish prompt, I hit 0. I was redirected to wait between 40-60 mins before speaking with someone. Hope this helps!

  31. As of 8/17/16 this does not work but I was able to get in touch with a human relatively easy.
    1. Track a package
    2. type your tracking number
    3. when it asks if you want to track another package say “customer support”
    4. you be connected then

  32. At the main menu say “other” and then say “fraud”. It connects you with a real person who will connect you with another real person if the problem isn’t fraud related.


    I tried the ‘0’ trick and the ‘6 then 4’ trick & neither one worked … Here’s what DID work though!

    I gave the automated lady my zip code, I said ‘no the the privacy thing, and then let her go through the whole rigamaro list of options.

    Then I simply said ‘Representative’ she then asked ‘You would like to speak with an agent?” and gave me a couple options to select from.

    I said ‘Something Else’. I sat on hold for about 30 minutes, and then was connected with THE NICEST agent I have ever talked to (I am sure it helped that I was sweet as honey to her – she helped correct the address error on my package so that I will be able to receive it next week – instead of it being RTS) .

    Good Luck – and remember (I’ve learned this from working in a call center) Kill ’em with kindness. these people are usually over-worked and just want to talk to someone nice for a change! – and they will usually go above and beyond for the customer that IS nice to them…

  34. This page was somewhat helpful. The method you stated does not work anymore but for anyone reading this. This is how I got the option to wait in line or receive a call back.
    1. Say or write in your zip code
    2. Say “Yes” for correct zip code or press number 1
    3. Say “No” or press number 2
    4. Say package or press 1
    5. Start pressing zeros right away as many as you like but I pressed 15 zeros first: 000000000000000
    6. When the voice starts talking right away press more zeros, I did 20 this time:
    7. The voice is going to start talking after a pause and you press zeros again right away. This time I did 30:
    8. After a pause, the voice will tell you that they need a valid tracking number etc to better serve you and that they are going to transfer you.
    9. Good job, you did it! Just wait in line or choose the option to get a call back by leaving your number and name.

    Hope this helps you guys, cause I was really frustrated for about 40 minutes! 🙄

  35. 7-27-2016: This worked for me today.

    I went through all the prompts. When it got to the reason for my call, I said “redelivery.”

    When it asked for a tracking number, I said random numbers until it cut me off and said that was an invalid number.

    It asked me for the tracking number again. I did the same thing. The voice cut me off. It said I’d reached the maximum number of attempts. Then it gave me the option to hold for customer service or give my phone number for a callback.

    I chose to hold. 17 minutes later, I was talking to a native-english-speaking PERSON. : D

  36. Didn’t work for me. 7/20/16

    Go to the “fraud” selection and you get a human. Just tell them the USPS system is fraudulent for not having the menu item you need and the will help you…

  37. OK, got a live person by hitting the number for ‘ Report Fraud ‘. 3 minute wait. I asked if this was the general customer service number (I was going to hang up if it wasn’t) and the nice lady said yes.

  38. You are wrong. It still works, just a little differently. I pressed 3 to go to mail, and then hit a bunch of ZEROs, then it still worked. Be creative folks. Think outside the box.

  39. As of 7/1/16, this is no longer working. I blasted them with about a million 0’s to no avail. The system eventually just hangs up on you. I am SO FRUSTRATED.

  40. The zero method has not been working for me at all 🙁 I’ve blasted that automated lady with zeros a ton of times and she just keeps saying “I see you’ve asked for customer service, but that option isnt available until you’ve selected a reason for your call”, even after selecting and blasting more zeroes it still doesn’t work, eventually it just says “have a nice day” and hangs up on you. It absolutely will not put me through to a representative >:(

  41. Youre an angel….I’ve been trying to figure this out for like a solid day. Still works 6/8/16

  42. It worked my mom was getting so frustrated and I googled this up and since it worked she gave me $20 my lucky day!

  43. This is fucking retarded. Im so sick of these companies charging more and more and doing less and less. Boycott anyone who does this its fucking annoying and time consuming. Who the fuck has the time to dick around with your answering machine? Rediculous

  44. Wow, thanks so much for sharing! I was trying to find out why there was a delivery exception and could not get a live person.

    The 0000000000 trick definitely worked.

    Bless your heart!

  45. I had to do this and it finally worked. At this moment, I’m on the phone and still no results for my pkg.

  46. Tried it today, and it works! Currently waiting on hold for the past 8-10 minutes, but it beats the loop that repeats what you can read on the website! Thanks so much.

  47. Thank you soooo much, the zero-blasting did it and I giggled like a schoolgirl having beat the system lol. I hate that thing, it’s the worst ever. Thanks again.

  48. before I found this post I was just pressing zero one time after each prompt and it didn’t work. I can’t believe this worked, but I’m thankful it did. What a joke!

  49. Thank you! It really worked. I just bombarded them with zeros, did not count how many. Very soon was in line for an operator. First time in my life it took just a minute to get there.

  50. Hi, just wanted to say the second method did work for me 🙂 after I pressed those numbers, the automated voice asked me one more thing and after I didn’t say anything, connected me thorugh. Thanks, this helped a bunch!!

  51. Thank you. I was able to FINALLY get through after following your advice from 2/25 to blast the automated line with zeros. I didn’t say a word (it’s a trap). I just blasted it with about 50 zeros and I finally got put in the queue to speak to a live rep.

    It’s a damn shame that we have to perform all these jedi – ninja – cirque du soleil tricks to get a human being on the phone. And they have the nerve to announce a rate increase today!!! (4/11).

    I bet they read this blog to see how we’re getting through so they can keep fixing their automated system to keep us locked out. It’s weird that every time someone posts a way to get a real person, it doesn’t work anymore a month later.

  52. Thank you Nick,

    I was able to get through with your 000000000 routine. My package’s tracking number has said, “Out for delivery” and after several days, the package’s tracking has not been updated or delivered. It’s been at my local post office for days and for some reason, delayed. So speaking to a human being is imperative. My local post office keeps their phone disconnected because they receive so many calls. I’m not able to drive to the post office during their normal business hours, so my only option was the national line.

    It’s a gift for my mother and it’s unfortunate the issues I’ve encountered with the package. 🙂 I’m on hold as we speak because of your help. Thank you again.

  53. I got directly to a human by pressing 0 once the automated service picked up. i did not wait to hear any options. just pressed 0. 4/1/16

  54. Blasting with 0’s sounds like the most ridiculous thing in the world but it actually worked holy crap! (waiting for a call back now) Thank you so much!

  55. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pardon the all caps but THANK YOU!!!!!! 🙂

    (zero method worked like a charm)

  56. 12/18/15
    After probably 100 zeros, I was able to put myself on the call list. Let’s see if they call me back in 35-53 minutes as they say. Thank you so much for the information!

  57. The zero trick worked. Also, after my call I called the number that had called me back which was 678-279-7980 (in Georgia) just to see what would happen and it just went straight to the part about getting a call back w/o having to push all the zeros. 12/18/15

  58. I’ve been trying to reach a human for days! Regardless of what I answered or pressed I always got the “We’re sorry a customer service agent isn’t available”… So I googled and came across this thread. I called again and just kept hitting 000000 for everything. I have now been on hold 27 minutes still waiting on a human, BUT at least I’m not listening to that automated crap anymore! 🙂

  59. I just kept telling the system ‘I need a person.’ In between I would say something silly like ‘f*** off,’ or ‘bazookaloo.’ After about 3 minutes, said it was transferring me to a live agent, but it needed to know if this call was regarding a domestic or international mailing.
    I just used the option for someone to call me back – we will see if that was a mistake!

  60. (2015)
    Seems like it has changed now…

    Press 5 “All other delivery questions”


    Press 5 “Other delivery questions”


    Press 2 (to skip privacy statement)

    I requested a call back since the wait was 28-42 minutes.

  61. Been on hold for 45 minutes. I hate these A-holes. It’s been 30 days since I forwarded my mail and haven’t gotten anything at the new address. All I get is a busy signal at the local post office and the general USPS line is all automated and the hold message brags about how convenient their mail forwarding is…. Ha! What a crock.

  62. Excellent guide! i spent around 10-15 minutes clicking buttons spitting out phrases only to be misunderstood by the automated voice every other time until i stumbled upon this little diddly , very much appreciated this is what the internet was made for to help one another haha peace !

  63. As of 8/04/2015, I managed to get through to customer service but not exactly with any of the instructions above- I was trying to dispute a delivery claim (aka USPS says a package is delivered and I think Not), and I hit 0 after the español option, then the robot told me that it can tell I’m trying to reach customer service but I have to specify my problem first, so I did as it told me (“delivery status” I think), and then hit 0 again, and it said it needed my tracking # before it could take me to a human, so I gave it my tracking # and then it gave me all this useless delivery information and I kept interrupting it with 0 and it stopped for a second and then ignored me and kept saying the info it was saying, so I kept hitting 0 every few seconds and EVENTUALLY! It gave up and sent me to customer service.

    I’m sure this process won’t be the same for everyone, but a good default is finding the balance between hitting 0 insistently and cooperating with what the bot is asking of you. Good luck.

  64. As of 07/22/15 I just kept pressing 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 I don’t know how many times.

    Even when the voice said no representatives could help me until I gave further information.
    What did I press? —> 0.

    Keep doing it until the privacy statement is brought up. Now I am sitting here waiting for someone to pick up. We will see how long this takes.

    It is pitiful. And I ALWAYS go to USPS first to give them my business, as I know they are sinking fast.

    This phone call has to do with a supposedly delivered certified/registered receipt mail piece concerning my student loans. My nursing school says they never received the paperwork and I never received the green slip back in the mail. USPS says it was delivered. I just may not be getting my loans for this upcoming semester. All because I felt sorry for the underdog and utilized their services.

    Never again.

  65. It still works!
    Just have to keep on repeating the process when it says “you can say” press 0.
    Thanks for the help!!!!

  66. Okay. I pushed 0 about 10 times, sometimes 3 in a row, sometimes one at a time ignoring prompts and finally the prompt started talking about privacy act and then asked if I wanted to heat the “entire privacy act” (a#@holes) I said NO and then was put through to customer service. However I am now on hold and will prob end up hanging up. I think I’m going to start JUST using UPS or FedEx. seriously. I’m done with this.

  67. Second Chris’ comment – After espanol prompt, say help or press 0. It will ask you to be more specific and then list some options

    At this list press 6 for ‘other options’ – Then press 4 for help with something else. You will be connected to customer service – after that its a matter of waiting for the person to come online..

  68. This post doesn’t work anymore or takes a lot longer to reach a live person. This is what I have done in the last couple of days:

    After getting past the espanol language prompt, the automated message will ask you how they can help you. Just state “help”.

    It will then ask you to be more specific, just say “help” again.

    The automated message will then give you ideas for help topics to say or a number to press. Press “5” to go to other help topics.

    The automated message will then give you more ideas. Just say “help with something else” and then you’ll be connected and placed on hold for a live person. expect to wait 10 minutes or more.

  69. Thank you for this. After 8 minutes I got an actual person. Unfortunately, the person was of no help and gave me the local USPS consumer affairs phone number. I called them and the only option they have is to leave your name, phone number, and message and they’ll call you back. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the call back.

  70. Fucking Customer Care of this bullshit company USPS…. mother fucking customer care…. Big Dumbo shit company….. i hope their bad omen soon…..

  71. Awesome. I needed to press 0 about 12 times (I lost count) but then I waited for all of… 15 seconds.

    My “tracked” mail was promised for delivery 4 days ago. Ended up STUCK in their system for 4 days. Now it’s been “delivered” for 4 hours and nowhere to be found!

    3 days ago I tried calling and the best I could do was wait on hold in their technical assistance number. ABSOLUTE WORST VOICE MENU OPTION EVER. To repeat – *they* mis-directed *and* mis-delivered something and *their* online contact number simply says that – despite being during their stated hours – nobody is available. WOW.

    At least now I have a confirmation number. Along with a promise that somebody will contact me within 24 hours. Not exactly holding my breath there. @nickg: Thank You!

  72. There is a reason they are failing. Oh wait who runs them. I went through all the prompts and couldn’t even run reach a live person until I found this site. I’m happy UPS and Fedex are running them out of town.

  73. Finally figured it out just as I found this website with the answer…oh well! thank you anyway!

    Teleprompters should all be outlawed as far as I am concerned. They are detrimental to one’s health and can lead to long term anger issues!!! 🙂

  74. NO! It still works! I just used it and got through like a charm!!!! The old ZERO advice still works! What a doll to put this here! Thanks!

  75. Very neat, just tried it today and it still works. Who knew it could be that easy to beat the USPS machine.

  76. It says 24/7 but I guess that is only for the automated recording. I’ll try calling again during regular business hours it told me 8AM – 8:30PM Monday – Friday and I think up until 6PM on Saturday. Thanks for the updated tips because sometimes a recording just doesn’t cut it.

  77. Oh, thank you! Worked exactly as described.

    You don’t know how many circles I went around trying to get a human on the line. “This is the best information available. Hang up if you’re finished.” Arrogant little automated system refuses to let you talk to any operator once you’ve put in the label number.

  78. This worked last week for me perfectly, but now this week they changed the menu to not accept 0. I’m clueless as to how to talk to a human now. has changed and now will not display any relevant information or it’s actual current status… kinda weird because I can log into and see updated tracking status from there. But the USPS site can’t tell me? After the rumors of shutdown a couple months ago, they’re now making things worse!

  79. This will work for many automated systems, not just the USPS. Just wait til the recording starts and hit zero repeatedly and you will usually be put through to an actual person.

  80. I just tried and I finally got a recording that said the office is closed and to call back during their regular business hours. It’s 1:20 on a FUCKING Tuesday afternoon. I hate the USPS!!!

  81. This worked great – I ship often for my job, and you just saved me about 10 minutes of frustration on every call. Thanks for sharing it

  82. I hate the 1800 ASK USPS tracking number system. It always misses a number and you have to start over. Thank for these tips, I pushed 0 after each message and got a real person!

  83. nice work. i went through the automated system at least three times trying to talk to a real person. this was easy and i got a person on the phone!

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