Good Websites to Sell Items Online

Below are a few great websites that you can use to sell some of your stuff online. Look around your place for some unwanted items that might have some value, grab your camera and start listing.


The first and most obvious place that everyone knows is eBay. There is plenty of information online if you are just starting. My quick tip for eBay is to be as honest as possible in your description. Describe flaws. Setup a Paypal account. Use four or more detailed photos (the more the better). Here is more detailed information about selling on eBay.


Craigslist is probably the other most popular place to sell stuff that everyone knows. CL is a classifieds site, so you will need to meet people face to face to make a transaction. There’s already tons of info about selling on Craigslist, including my website, so check that if you want more detailed information. My quick tip, again, is to be as honest as possible in your ad. Buyers appreciate seeing the item as it is described in the ad.

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Bonanza is a great website, however, you will need to do some self promotion to be successful. Once you list a product, promote the listing on Twitter, Facebook, etc. It doesn’t get the traffic and exposure that eBay or Craigslist does, which is why you need to promote your posts, but it has a great staff and friendly community of users that will be willing to help you. Just visit the forums for help when setting up your booth. It is easy to list items, and the best part, it is free to list them. You only pay a fee if your item sells. Again, use as many photos as you can and be ready to ship when your stuff sells.


I have never actually used Etsy, but I know enough about it that it seems like the best place online for artists and people that create their own arts & crafts and jewelry to sell their pieces of work. If your products take off and you get some attention and exposure, you could do really well on Etsy.  It is not the place to go to sell old DVDs or iPods, however. Maybe check out their terms of use before signing up for Etsy.

Those are a few of the most popular sites you can use to sell stuff. Here is a quick list of a few more that I am familiar with, but maybe haven’t necessarily used.


– Oodle connects with your Facebook account. It is a classifieds site similar to Craigslist, but much more modern.


– I have used Amazon a few times. It gets high traffic and it can be easy to sell things, but the competition is high and I don’t like the fact that you can’t have your own listing with your own pictures. You just put in a UPC or similar number and it puts it on a big list with everyone else and a stock photo. If you put your item for the cheapest price, it will probably sell.


– I have not used Shopify, however, it seems like a great place where you can create your own online store.

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I hope this list helps you find a good site to sell your stuff that fits your needs. If you are looking to sell something quick, it might be best to use one of the classified ad sites.

Price it cheap and sell locally. If you are looking to try and get the most exposure, try eBay or Amazon.

But be sure to check the ever-changing fee structure. It can be expensive to sell on those sites. And if you make original products, try Etsy and try to make a name for yourself. Good luck!

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