Funny Xtranormal Monotone Voiced Video about Craigslist

Well, this is my first blog post of 2011. Happy new year to anyone that reads this.

While there are some newer spam messages going around that I want to share with you and I also have some tips if you are searching for an item on Craigslist, I would rather start 2011 with a funnier post.

I watch the news every morning before I go to work, and my local news channel keeps showing animated videos with characters that speak in a robotic, monotone voice.

Custom Videos

I knew there was a way to custom make these videos, and the news station has created videos to air on the news, but I had never heard them actually say the name of the website they use.

This morning, I finally figured out that they are making the videos on this website: xtranormal (now nawmal).

I may be a little behind on the popularity of these videos since I saw them for the first time two weeks ago, but they are hilarious if they are done right. So, I decided to try and make one of my own to help promote my website, How to Sell on Craiglist.

Here it is:

My Google Profile:

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