Don’t Use Spam Arrest if You Sell Online

If you are going to sell items online, especially on Craigslist, don’t use a free service like Spam Arrest if you are trying to stop getting junk. It could backfire. I am not discrediting the website or service, but I received a response from someone using Spam Arrest.

I received a response to an item I had posted on Craigslist today. It wasn’t a BS spammer or scammer message. It was a legitimate buyer, so I responded to it. Unfortunately, I received a strange response. The response was telling me that the person I was responding to was trying to avoid getting bad messages.

spam arrest email

It said, “I’m protecting myself from receiving junk mail.”

Really? Do you know that it is 2012 and junk messages can be easily spotted and deleted? And, using Yahoo! or another service, most of the crap gets put into the junk box anyways?

Sometimes You Can Sell Through Email

I, as a seller, am usually happy to have a legitimate buyer contact me. Most of my sales come from people calling me, but a few come from emailers. And I was sad to see this automated response.

First of all, the link I was asked to click looks unsafe to click (see above) and I was reluctant to click it because I didn’t want the link to install a virus on my computer. I assumed Spam Arrest was a scam looking to get information such as user names and passwords from my computer.

If you click the link, it takes you to the website where you type in a CAPTCHA code, which tells the person that you are a real person.

spam arrest verification

However, I looked up the website and read that it is legitimate and it is not a scam. They actually help people keep their accounts junk free.

Don’t Give People an Extra Step

But if you are going to list something or buy an item on Craigslist, it would help to just use a normal address using Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail. If you make buyers and/or sellers go through an extra step of clicking a bad looking link and filling out a CAPTCHA code, you probably won’t make the sale (or buy) and you might not even get a response from them because they don’t want to deal with a service like Sp Arrest.

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