Craigslist Joe Documentary Movie Trailer

There is an interesting documentary called Craigslist Joe that is opening this week in select theaters, which is already available for rent in the iTunes store. It is interesting that Zach Galifianakis was a producer, too.

Craigslist Joe Doc Preview

I am anxious to see this movie because it features a man that basically gives up his entire life to see if he can survive using CL. He gives up (most of) his possesions and goes on a quest across the country with no money while posting and responding to ads online looking for places to eat and sleep for free. It kind of reminds me of the story where a man lived off of Groupon deals for an entire year.

Here is the trailer for Craigslist Joe:

From the official website: Armed with only a laptop, cell phone, toothbrush, and the clothes on his back – alongside the hope that community was not gone but just had shifted – Joe lived for a month looking for alms in America’s new town square. For 31 December days and nights, everything in his life would come from the Craigslist website. From transportation to food, from shelter to companionship, Joe would depend on the generosity of people who had never seen him and whose sole connection to him was a giant virtual swap meet.

As of today (8/2/2012) it has great reviews from people that have seen it. It comes to my area in a little over a week, but if I miss that showing, I will check it out on iTunes.

I just hope it doesn’t end up like an episode of Secret Millionaire. Blah!


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