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When I was signed in to my Craigslist account today, I noticed a new tab on the My Account page called Drafts. Craigslist now lets you save an item description as a draft, which is a great new feature.

craigslist drafts tabThere have been many times when I have researched an item, typed out the perfect description, included all of the features to help sell the item, continued to the next page for review, then I click to post the item and my internet connection dies. And when that happened in the past, I would lose all of the effort put into the description and I would have to start over. Very frustrating.

Your Description is Saved Automatically

Now, when you get to that point, Craigslist will save your description and you can go back and edit the description whether you have a bad internet connection, or you just want to come back later and finish describing your item. However, for Craigslist to save your description into the drafts tab, you need to fill out the description page and click the continue button.

craigslist ipod description

After you click continue, it will take you to the confirmation page where you see how your post will look before posting it live on Craigslist. It is at this point where you can click away from the page and Craigslist will save your post as a draft.

When you click back to the My Account page, it will have a link telling you that you have a post in progress…

craigslist posting in progress

When you click that link, it will take you to your drafts page (or, obviously, you can click the drafts tab). You will then see any saved drafts where you can edit and post live to the site. When you click the title link, it takes you to the original description page and you can finish posting as usual.

craigslist unpublished draft




And it will save more than one item…

craigslist posting drafts





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12 thoughts on “Craigslist Drafts

  1. I had 6 drafts vanish after I spent hours putting them together with photos, dimensions, etc., etc. OUCH! How long does CL keep drafts before removing them?

  2. I posted an ad 2 days ago and was waiting to take pics for it. I have the pics now and I cant open my draft! Did it get deleted because I didnt save it some way. ? I thoought CL would automatically save drafts until I was ready to publish it with my pics?! Help please. That draft took alot of my time and effort. Thanks

  3. I have the exact same problem as Pat. I spent HOURS composing my ad. Saved to drafts and updated many times.

    When back to post two days later and it was GONE!

    This really sucks. 🙁

    What is the time limit of drafts before CL deletes them?

  4. Hi I clicked on PUBLISH many times but my ad is not appearing , shows , status draft , I posted the ad over 15 hours ago , what is going on ? Craiglist don’t have a good customer support .

  5. I posted under furniture by owner and my ad has not posted yet .
    Can you all just post it due to my computer difficulty skills .
    thank you Ms. Dunn

  6. I didn’t think a draft would be deleted automatically. However, maybe Craigslist changed how things work in the accounts. To be honest, I am not as active on Craigslist as I used to be, so I don’t have a concrete answer for you. I did notice you posted the issue in the CL forums. I hope you get an answer and I will check it out, too.

  7. I finished a detailed draft for a boat that I’m selling. I was waiting on one more picture. I accessed the unpublished draft several times to update the wording and price. Now I’m ready to add the one pic and publish it, but it is not on my account page. My last access was a week ago, do they delete unpublished drafts after some period of time? Is there any way to get it back? Thank you.

  8. @karen Sorry for the late response. That sounds strange. I would try logging out of the account and logging back in? Or if it won’t open at all, it might be an issue with your browser? Sorry, not sure what the issue could be.

  9. I have a draft sitting there on Craigslist but cannot access it. I dont want to have to write the ad over but it wont open??

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