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As Christmas 2010 approached, I had a lot of phone calls and emails about items I was selling on Craigslist. Most of the inquiries were about items that were brand new or in like-new condition.

This was no surprise since a lot of people don’t want to give gifts that are used with scratches, dents, etc. I ended up having about 5 good sales from last minute Christmas shopping CL buyers. And now to quickly switch gears…

PROTIP: Always remember, cash is king when you are selling on Craigslist.

Unfortunately, Christmas also means that it is gift card season. If you are trying to sell some items on Craigslist after Christmas, you will probably get people willing to give gift cards in exchange for your goods.

Because of my situation, I do not accept gift cards in exchange for goods (and I never would if I could).

gift card craigslist screencap

If you are selling online and you receive gift card offers for payment, use your best judgment. Most people that offer a gift card assume they are offering the equivalent to cash. However, a $25 gift card to Target is not the same as cash. And, there is no easy way to check the actual amount on the card unless you visit the store.

I would not recommend accepting gift cards in exchange for your Craigslist items, but if it seems legit (you can check the amount and make sure the card is valid) and you shop at the store, then I guess it would be OK.

Seller beware, I guess. It’s just too bad that the well-thought-out-gift-card given to the nephew-you-barely-know is being used to buy things that they can’t afford through Craigslist.

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